4 Steps To A Safe And Fun Road Trip

Autumn Road Trip

You can’t beat hitting the open road with your best friends, the perfect road trip music mix, and your favourite snacks. With a bit of pre-planning, you can ensure your next adventure goes off without a hitch.

Get your vehicle road-ready

When planning your trip, make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge. You’ll want to ensure your brakes are working correctly, and tyre pressures are ideal. Do a quick check of all your lights, so you aren’t surprised by a missing headlight on a dark country road.

Check your spare to confirm it’s properly inflated. Top up your oil and washer fluid. You might want to consider taking your car in for a service. Having an expert check it over before you leave can give you some extra peace of mind.

Doing a quick clean of your car before you go is a great idea. This can also remind you to stock up on your travel essentials, like plenty of wet wipes. Ensure your insurance is up to date, and the information is easy to access in case of an accident.

Taking your dog on a road trip

Image by anvel from Pixabay

Plan lots of breaks

It’s a considerable risk to drive while tired or distracted. Human error is the cause of 90% of vehicle accidents. Plan frequent breaks so you can rest and relax. Stretching your travel out over a few days will allow you to stop and recharge, allowing you to enjoy the journey.

Scout out some “must-do” stops in advance. This will help you plan both your route and your timing. Be prepared to adjust and don’t try to fit too much into a day of driving. One construction delay can throw your whole day off when planned to the minute.

Be prepared for emergencies

Packing an emergency kit is always a great idea. The best drivers can be involved in accidents, and the best plans can go awry. A roadside rescue service may be a good investment if you are a frequent road-tripper.

If you do find yourself involved in an accident, you may end up needing legal assistance. Situations can escalate when tensions are high, and laws differ between states. An expert can help you navigate through different insurance companies and legal precedence. Check out this page for tips on finding the right personal injury lawyer.

Bringing your best friend

Your furry sidekick can make the ultimate road-trip partner. There are a few things to consider before Fido joins you on your next adventure. Will your pooch enjoy the trip? Not every dog loves the car. While you may love having him along, if car rides make him car sick, your best furry friend might be miserable.

Keep Fido feeling great by packing enough of his food; an abrupt diet change can upset his stomach. Some dogs also do better drinking water from home. Your veterinarian can advise you about different parasite prevention or vaccinations required depending on your destination. Make sure your amigo is wearing his ID tags, and his microchip info’s up to date.

You should enjoy the journey as much as the destination. A bit of planning will provide a safe voyage.

Top image by skeeze from Pixabay

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