3 Reasons To Use Your Own Car When Travelling



Going travelling is always going to be exciting, but it’s also always going to bring with it a lot of planning and questions to answer. One such question revolves around the method of transport you’re intending to use. Assuming you’re either sticking with a staycation or you’re going abroad somewhere that’s easy to take your own car (using a ferry, for example), then this option might be the best one. Although initially you might consider hiring a car just for the trip, there are actually many reasons just to stick with the one you already have. Read on to find out what some of those reasons are.

Less expensive

To begin with, if you already have a car then paying out for a rental doesn’t make much sense money-wise; you’ll effectively be paying for two cars when there is no need to. Of course, if there are important reasons to choose to hire a vehicle, such as needing something a little bigger because you’re taking the whole family – and luggage – on the trip, or because you want to make your adventure a little more special so you choose to hire a classic car or similar, then go ahead, but if there are no real reasons to do it, stick to your own.

Not only is it cheaper not to hire a different car due to the rental costs, but there is also the insurance to think of too. Insurance for a hire car is more expensive than standard insurance, so you’ll be paying more than usual, and since you’re already insured on your personal car, paying out twice is a waste of money.


You know the vehicle

The excitement of hiring a new vehicle is a very real thing, and it can mean you get a little carried away with the idea. When it comes down to it, though, if you’re going to be driving, you need to be completely comfortable in the vehicle. You need to know all the little foibles and the best way to use the clutch and how the engine sounds when it’s working well. Hiring a completely different car means that you’ll have to learn all of this from scratch, and that takes time, during which you’ll be concentrating on the car so much you’ll be missing out on your trip.

There is a lot to be said for knowing a vehicle well enough to be happy and comfortable when driving it, and there is nothing like your own car for allowing that to happen. Plus, if you have Cars Protection Plus you’ll have the added comfort of knowing that you can get the vehicle repaired and check out should anything happen to it.


Car rental companies need to take care of their assets, and although those assets – the vehicles – are made to be driven and will probably have a high number of miles on the clock by the time they come to be retired and sold at auction, that doesn’t mean the rental company wants that to happen sooner than it needs to.

In other words, when you hire a car there are usually lots of restrictions in place to stop you from adding too many miles to the car’s engine. If you’re planning on a long trip, this might not work out as you would want it to.

Make sure, though, if you’re using your own car that there are no restrictions on it either. If you’re leasing the case or you’ve taken out a loan to pay for it, there might be mileage conditions to take into account.

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