Planning A Mex-pedition: Must-See Attractions In Mexico


Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City
Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City

Tasty tacos and tequila, ancient civilisations, natural wonders, beautiful beaches – there’s something for everyone in Mexico. Here are some of the must-see attractions for anyone hoping to visit this incredible country.

Chichen Itza

The remains of his ancient Mayan city are a popular hotspot for tourists. Built over a millennium ago, the massive stepped pyramid known as El Castillo dominates the city. There are also well-preserved structures such as the Temple of the Skulls, the ball court and world’s oldest observatory. Companies like Cancun tours can take you around these ruins and fill you in on the history.

Chichen Itza in Mexico
Chichen Itza

La Catedral Metropolitana

This cathedral located in Mexico City is among one of the country’s oldest colonial buildings, with construction believed to have started as early as 1573. To add to the history, the church was built atop an old Aztec temple – the Templo Mayor. There’s so much history in this cathedral that it’s worth taking a tour. Whilst in Mexico City, there are also plenty of other sights to see and things to do – you should spend a good few days here if you can.

Agua Azul

Located along the Xanil River in the south of Mexico is a series of beautiful waterfalls known as Agua Azul. The waterfall gets its name from the blue colour of the water. Getting this waterfall can be a challenge as the nearest significant settlement is almost 60 km away, however it’s worth trekking to.

Sumidero Canyon in Mexico
Sumidero Canyon

Sumidero Canyon

Sumidero Canyon is part of a nature reserve in southern Mexico. This natural wonder is home to some rare creatures including spider monkeys, ocelots and river crocodiles, which you can spot by taking a cruise through the gorge. A dam controls the flow of water into the canyon, which helps to provide hydroelectric power to the region. The city of Tuxtla Gutierrez is only a stone’s throw away, where you can stay in luxury accommodation such as this Marriott Tuxtla Gutierrez Hotel. From here you can book tours to canyon or make your own route.

The beaches of Tulum

Tulum is the tourist capital of Mexico – here you’ll find incredible restaurants, arty attractions and some of the world’s most scenic beaches. There’s the fascinating Playa Ruinas, a beach with Mayan ruins overlooking it. Paradise Beach meanwhile is where the bulk of tourists can be found – there are lots of cocktail bars here and places to try out snorkelling. You may even spot an iguana on the beaches.

Playa Ruinas on Tulum Beach
Playa Ruinas on the beach in Tulum

Ox Bel Ha

Ox Bel Ha is one of Mexico’s many ‘cenotes’ – a series of underwater caves. It’s by far the most elaborate underwater cave system in Mexico, if not one of the largest in the world, containing a network stretching more than 250km. If you’re experienced at scuba diving, you can take guided tours of this underwater cave system. It’s not an activity for the claustrophobic though!

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