London’s Famous Casinos: Which Are Worth Visiting?

Hippodrome Casino

London city has long been considered an entertainment and cultural nexus of the globe, containing some of the most diverse and engaging sites and sounds one could hope to experience. It receives millions of tourists each year, all looking for different things; some flock to Big Ben, others visit the London Eye. Some come to track the bloody trail of Jack the Ripper, and some head straight for Madam Tussauds. Still others come to gamble. London contains a host of casinos, catering for everyone from the casual gambler to highest of high-rollers. But which of these are actually worth visiting? Together with the UK casino guide we have looked inside London’s famous casinos, in the hopes of discovering which ones are worth your valuable time and money when you’re out and about in The Big Smoke.

  1. Hippodrome Casino

Located on the prime real estate of Leicester Square, the Hippodrome is the busiest casino in town and also ever-popular; it sits at number one in Trip Advisor’s list of the top casinos in London, and has just welcomed it’s four millionth visitor after opening its doors under four years ago in 2012. Naturally, this casino caters for all types of gambler, with three floors of games and even a dedicated Pokerstars LIVE deck. Always bustling and alive with the smell of money, the Hippodrome exudes class and atmosphere right in the heart of London.

Roulette Wheel at Casinos

  1. The Casino At The Empire

Sitting across from the Hippodrome is another popular gambling joint, the Empire Casino. Open 24/7 and equipped with it’s own spectacular Asian restaurant, the Empire takes its cues from the classic Vegas casino set-up, and provides the thrilling experience of gambling in that unmistakable Las Vegas atmosphere. As well as a host of different games and slots to choose from, the complex also includes four separate bars with a diverse range of drinks.

  1. Crockford’s Casino

Located on Curzon Street, and formerly a gentleman’s club of the same name, Crockford’s comes complete with an old world atmosphere and sense of history that money can’t buy. Billing itself as the pinnacle of casinos and gaming in Mayfair, Crockford’s is probably the most high-class casino on this list (read ‘pricey’), but it’s also intimate and warm, and dare we say, more than a little cosy. The customer service in this casino is truly excellent, with all the usual games on offer, from Blackjack to American Roulette. There are several different rooms, all offering an old-world ambience with a modern twist, and for those luxury gamblers looking for the perfect London spot, Crockford’s is bound to be top of the list.

Aspers Casino

  1. Aspers Casino

On the other end of the scale is Aspers Casino. Not for lack of quality, but in terms of size. Aspers is London’s only ‘super casino’, meaning it is absolutely huge. It’s built inside the already huge Westfield Shopping Centre, and is the first casino in town to be branded as a ‘super casino’ since the 2005 Gambling Act permitted the construction of such establishments. At 65,000 square foot, the complex in east London is host to hundreds of slot machines and a score of different tables, two bars and a restaurant that never closes. What it lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in scale, so if you’re in town and want to go big, Aspers should be you number one choice.

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