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We all have big dreams about how our lives will be. Having a luxury life means something different to almost anyone you ask. For some people, it would be champagne bubbles at every opportunity, but for others it would be a quiet home in the countryside. But in general, there are a few simple things we can do to feel more luxe and have a more luxury lifestyle – if that is what we want.


There is a lot to be said for older cars. They are sturdy, have some character and usually drive well when taken care of. Go back enough years and you are well into vintage car territory. If you can afford a vintage car – running, insurance, general upkeep – then they are a lot of fun. If you can’t, and you have an eye for the new, then in order to get what you want, at the price you want it you might be looking at a personal car loan.

Maximise time

Time is one of the biggest luxuries you can hope to have. Excellent organisation and spending money in the right places will help you get those precious hours. Things like paying a cleaner on a Friday will give you more free time each week, and a clean home to relax in on the weekend.

If you have your own business, and you find yourself consumed by things like emails responses, running social media and arranging travel then consider a virtual assistant. They can take care of pretty much anything, and in general cost less to hire for a few hours per day than you could make by working on client work.

Luxe Classic Car


Luxe isn’t about investing in stocks and shares, this more about what you buy. If you are buying cheaper clothing, then you should expect it not to last. It might wash well once or twice, but in general, it will be quicker to fray, tear, thin and bin. Likewise for shoes. Of course there are always exceptions to those rules, but in general, if you pay more, you get more use and value from things. So start seeing the clothes you wear, the shoes you walk in and even the sunglasses you use as an investment. The longer they last, the less you spend.


On that note, some styles never go out of fashion. Tailored clothing will never suddenly not be a classic. Create a capsule wardrobe filled with classic cuts and colours and give the rest to charity.

The same goes for artwork and furniture. While things are on trend, they look great, but within a few months, they can make a place look dated, and will likely need to be replaced again. But reliable options like wood, leather and marble last a lifetime. While the initial cost will be higher, in the end, much like the clothing, if you invest a little more, you get a lot more quality.

“Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld

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