Shouting From Toronto’s Posh Rooftops

Toronto's nicest neighbourhoods

If Santa Claus were real, he would opt to move into one of Toronto’s luxury homes, in her wealthy neighbourhoods, instead of dropping off presents through a chimney.

Similarly, Mary Poppins would exchange flying over London’s rooftops for those of the three most posh neighbourhoods in Toronto. The most beautifully maintained rooftops in the luxurious suburbs of Toronto have Dominion Roofing to thank.

While Santa Claus and Mary Poppins are fairy tales, the luxurious homes in Toronto’s affluent urban suburbs are dreams come true for their residents.

Canadian Business Magazine provided information that the Richest website used to compile a list of Toronto’s wealthiest neighbourhoods.


If you love horses and want to be part of a community that shares your passion for horse riding, then Sunnybrook is the place for you.

Sunnybrook’s average household net worth is over $20 million, but don’t worry if you don’t fit into this category.

There is a great divide between the super-rich and the middle class in the area. The middle class average household income is $311,979, with the average house prices a little over $2.29 million.

Sunnybrook’s equestrian school and the vast park entices residents, whether or not they ride horses, to come and enjoy the scenery through riding, hiking or just relaxing.

Luxury home interior

Upper Canada College and Forest Hill South

In the late 1930s, wealthy Jewish immigrants made Forest Hill South their home. To date, people of the Jewish faith make up over 30% of the population. Amongst them are politicians, business owners, attorneys and many other professionals.

One of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods boasts an average annual household income of $629,972 and a high percentage of married couples at 88%.

The focus in this area is primarily on education but also a close sense of community.

Bridle Path

Bridle Path is next to the affluent neighbourhoods of Lawrence Park and York Mills. However, Bridle Path, with its multi-million dollar homes, is rated as “the most affluent neighbourhood” in Canada.

Previously known as North York, Bridle Path is a newer neighbourhood for the rich and famous. Canadian celebrities, engineers, and doctors call Bridle Path home with many health professionals working nearby at Sunnybrook Health Centre.

Bridle Path’s average household income is a staggering $936,137, with an astounding average household net worth of $22.2 million catapulting it to the top of any property list in Canada.

Imagine living in this luxurious area and having Celine Dion, Prince or the rapper Drake as your neighbour. If you can afford to purchase a house in this part of the woods, then the likelihood that you’ll bump into a megastar is high.


Canadians can boast with some of the best celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey and Ryan Reynolds. The fairy-tale homes in Toronto’s most affluent areas are breathtakingly beautiful, a dream for any homemaker.

If you can afford a luxurious home in any of these neighbourhoods, Santa Claus may want to give up his home in the North Pole and make your home his permanent residence.

Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

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