What To Shop For When Visiting Zurich, Switzerland

Cuckoo Clocks in Zurich

Switzerland is considered to be one of the most beautiful and expensive countries. Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city, it may be considered a bustling metropolis, but the tranquility of the Alps flows through the designer boutiques, buzzing train stations and the lively cobblestone streets. Zurich usually opens at 9:00am and closes roughly around 8:00pm. The chocolate and souvenir kiosks at the bus and train stations tend to operate for longer hours.

The following is a rundown of some of the items that can make a perfect Swiss gift for your friends and family. Do have a look.

Swiss Chocolate in Zurich

Cheese Fondue Set

Cheese fondue is one of the most famous and delicious Swiss dishes to eat. Although it is available all over the world, it undoubtedly tastes more delectable and appetising in its land of origin. It is served in restaurants, ski resorts, on boat cruise and in every Swiss home. It is made of fresh Swiss cheese, garlic, white wine and brandy, served with crunchy cubes of bread. Indulging yourself with a Swiss cheese fondue is a fulfilling experience and the taste remains with you for life.

Cuckoo Clock

Not only is the cuckoo clock an adorable decoration but it also serves a purpose. When the bird signals as the clock strikes another hour, it is perhaps one of the significant and most famous things the Swiss are known for. It is usually mistaken as a German invention, but the Swiss version has its own prestige and magnitude of popularity. The Swiss version also has a couple dancing in traditional Swiss clothes, colorful flowers and St Bernard dogs attached as embellishments.

Rolex Watch

Swiss Chocolate

Switzerland is the biggest per-capita producer of chocolate in the world and when they proudly boast about it-they are not wrong. It is a worldwide well-known fact of how special Swiss made chocolates are and people tend to drool over Lindt chocolate. It’s a real treat to get one of “world’s freshest truffles” from Sprungli, one of the first chocolate companies in Zurich.


There is no denying that the Swiss have been mastering the art of timekeeping for centuries. The delicate craftsmanship and breathtaking designs are their forte. “Swiss Made” is quite a selling feature. So what else could be a better place to select a life-lasting funky swatch or a dazzling classy Rolex sky dweller than Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich?

Swiss Army Penknife

Swiss Army Pen Knife – Photo credit: Russ Hendricks

Swiss Army Knife

Your trip to Zurich may be labeled as incomplete without purchasing a Swiss Army knife. Gone are the days when it was only possessed by the campers and woodsmen. Victorinox, the original manufacturers of Swiss army knife have expanded the horizon of their products and produce tools which are specific to certain fields. For example there is something for the IT professionals, engineers and other computer geeks so that they can assemble and disassemble their machines wherever and whenever needed.

Traditional Swiss Wear For Girls

Tiger Finkli are adorable shoes that have been worn by generations in Switzerland. These are shoes tha comprise of bold Feline prints with big red pompoms on top. It would not be wrong to say that every little girl in Switzerland has taken her first step in these adorable looking shoes. So, this makes it a must but if you visit Switzerland.

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