Roofers Will Fix These Common Problems


Water leaks

Water leaks can come from anywhere, but a faulty roof may be the culprit. This problem requires professional roofers because it’s challenging to permanently solve the problem without proper expertise and materials.

You can contact a reputable roofing company such as Dominion Roofing once you notice any water leakage. Even if the leak seems minuscule at first, severe damage can occur if a water leak is left ignored.

Broken flashings

Flashing can become damaged due to natural causes or human error. If your roofer is unprofessional, then your flashings will end up ruined. This risk is why you must contact a professional.

A professional roofer will install new flashings with solid nails and sealant. They’ll be sure not to dent the material or cause any weak points.

Fascia damage

If your fascia is damaged, future problems are bound to occur. Although you may believe a damaged fascia isn’t causing any issue, getting it fixed will prevent damage to the inside of your home. If you notice mould, cracks, holes or moisture, it’s time to call a roofer.

A roofer will inspect the fascia and find the correct replacement board. They’ll then remove the existing gutter and fascia boards to begin the replacement. They’ll use sealant to seal the seams and exteriors.

Ice on roof

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Missing shingles

Missing shingles are a common occurrence. They expose your home to outside elements, risking further damage. Luckily, it’s an inexpensive fix.

Roofers will apply sealant and nail the new shingles in place. This process may seem simple, but it’s best to have a professional do it because missing shingles are often the result of faulty installation.

Roof blisters

If you own an asphalt roof, then you may have roof blisters. They occur when moisture from under the roof expands. Blisters cause more moisture to seep in, so it’s critical to catch them early.

Since blisters are sometimes a sign of other damage, roofers will inspect your roof. Then, they’ll go through a patching process to get rid of the blisters.

Ice stuck on roof

Ice that blocks water and other debris from coming off your roof is a serious problem. When ice forms over your roof, it’ll melt but freeze again at the edge of it. This build-up causes extra strain on your home and leaks.

A roofing company will safely climb on your roof and carefully chip away at the ice. They’ll also give you tips on preventing ice dams in the future.


These problems often go ignored but require professional attention. If you notice any of the issues mentioned, call your local roofer before they turn into more significant problems.

Top image by alluregraphicdesign from Pixabay

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