Hoping To Impress A Potential Business Investor Or Partner? Consider This Advice


Business investor lunch meeting

When you’re hoping to develop your brand in a positive light, you will sometimes need to make deals with people whom you are nervous to meet. These might be advanced shareholders, business investors, angel investors, new partners, or even those you hope to potentially form a merger with. It might be you’re hoping to woo a business owner in order to prove you are the right person for the acquisition of their brand.  There are a range of business matters that are built in basis by the statistics and figures on the table, but also by the social and interpersonal element. We like to think of businesses remaining purely mechanical and faceless, and while that is the case for some firms, many do not operate this way. After all, while the process of a business is relatively logical, it will still be helmed by humans.

If you hope to impress a potential business investor or partner, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Luckily, with our advice, it could be more realistically achieved than you might think.

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Refine yourself

It can often be worthwhile to present yourself in the best possible light. Even if you usually wear that million-to-be grey T-shirt and jeans combination during your daily life working for a firm, donning a well-fitting suit for this meeting could be the most respectful thing to do. Arming yourself with heavy research into your contact and understanding what they’re looking for from your business can help you answer questions to a more competent degree. You may also find that keeping the professionalism as a core of the interaction, no matter how you bond can ensure you come across as sincere, and also understanding of the purpose of the meeting.

It can be worthwhile familiarising yourself with the unknown ground you might be facing. For example, if heading to a fantastic restaurant in order to discuss the business deal over lunch, it can be worthwhile to know the ordering customs or table etiquette of the cuisine in question. For example, you don’t want to be fiddling and struggling with chopsticks when trying to discuss the future of a business arrangement, it just looks unprofessional. It might also be that choosing a hot or more ‘grown-up’ beverage can seem more professional than ordering a soda. These little changes in how you present yourself can come across as professional and promote yourself as the competent business you know you are.

Handshake with business investor

However, if you’re bringing this criteria to the table, consider their willingness to pay you the same respect. If they fail on all of these points, it might be that this is someone who might subtly be corroding the importance of the occasion. This might be a sign that the business deal isn’t of the utmost priority to the opposite party, which will likely temper your excitement moving forward.

Go for a spectacle

Going for a spectacle can be a great idea if you hope to make your business meeting something worth remembering. You may head to a form of event known in your industry. For example, if you run a small production studio, shadowing one of your sets for an advertisement can help the potential partner really see the gears turning as you would hope them to be. You may head to a VIP restaurant for that quiet and refined environment to discuss business in. It might be that spending time on premium golf courses can give you that slow-burning sense of both time for conversation, gentle friendly competition and the privacy you may need to organize the hidden matters of the entire affair.

Cultural Respect

Know their customs

Know the business customs of the opposing party. Some cultures such as Japan are extremely interested in showing respect, but also making the business discussions clear from the offset, without flowery language or anything to manipulate your partner. This is seen as good practice. Those from the United Arab Emirates are known for valuing social grace before even mentioning business. The giving of gifts, polite conversation for a time and only moving to the business talks when these social arrangements take place is often seen as the most polite practice possible, helping you take some of the sting out of the upcoming negotiations.

However, like anything, you are interfacing with individuals and not just the cultural origins they are from. Never assume someone likes or dislikes something because of their cultural identity, as this can show you were unwilling to do your research. However, if they seem traditional in this sense, it can be worth adapting to that.

With these tips, you’re sure to impress a potential business investor or partner.

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