How To Kickstart A Healthy January


Healthy Smoothies

By: Erin Konrad

There’s no better time to get started on a healthier you than January 1st. Once the new year approaches, you might need some assistance getting that brand-new lease on life. So, if you follow these steps you’ll easily be able to make 2018 your best year yet!

  1. Switch up your eating habits

If your busy life never seems to take a break, it can seem impossible to improve your eating habits. But, if you download an app like Fooducate (available for free on both iOS and Android) you can get assistance tracking your eating habits as well as help with achieving any dieting goals you set for yourself. The app is also great with helping you learn more about the foods you eat. Plus, the supportive community available through the app can help provide you with that extra motivation you might need to switch up your diet. You’ll be eating healthier and feeling great in no time!

Healthy tomatoes and vegetables

  1. Step up your fitness goals

Need help getting your butt off the couch to exercise? MyFitnessPal is an awesome app available for free for iOS and Android that can help you achieve any exercise goals you set for yourself. You can easily log both your food intake and your fitness habits to help keep track of your progress. Also, because the app works in conjunction with over 50 devices and apps (including Apple Health, Fitbit, and Garmin), you can monitor all of your physical activity in one place. MyFitnessPal will help you clearly visualize all of your hard work, which is the best way to motivate you to continue with all of your fitness goals.

Running and Healthy

  1. Quit smoking

There’s no better way to kickstart a healthy new year than by quitting your smoking habit. You can limit your cigarette intake by tracking your habits and monitoring your progress. The LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach app (available for free on iOS) is a helpful way to document your cravings and habits as well as providing you with a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your goals. If you’re concerned about quitting smoking cold turkey, you also have the option of vaping. There are all-in-one vape kits that can help you get started for as little as £39.99. These kits are easy to use and super portable, so you can fight your cigarette cravings wherever you go. This site also features relevant vaping information as well as worthwhile e-cigarette and vaping accessory recommendations. Whether you are a newbie or a vaping veteran, you will surely find something that suits your needs.

You deserve to be your best self in 2018. So, follow these steps to kickstart a healthy new year this January, and you won’t believe everything you’ll be able to accomplish!

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