Small And Easy Improvements You Can Make Around the House

Home Improvements

Contrary to popular belief, sprucing up your interiors doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Just as long as you’re willing to get your hands dirty, there’s a ton you can do to improve the comfort and enjoyment of your home as a whole, without spending a fortune.

Struggling for inspiration? Not a problem – here’s a brief rundown of just a few small and easy improvements you can make around the house right now.

1. Paint your kitchen cabinets

It may sound like a daunting endeavor, but painting kitchen cabinets can be surprisingly easy and super satisfying. It’s simply a case of removing a few screws to take the doors off, placing them on a suitable surface and getting busy.  Armed with nothing more than some sandpaper and a pot of paint, you’ll be looking at a whole new visual dynamic for your kitchen.

2. Dress up your entrance

Putting together a gorgeous entrance to your home isn’t only about impressing guests. It’s also about making you happy to be home, each and every time you walk through the door. Dressing of your entrance can be as simple as upgrading the hardware on the door, putting up some accent lighting and distributing some potted plants and flowers around the place.

Painting home improvements

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

3. The home spa experience

Believe it or not, the only thing you need to transform your shower into the spa-like sprinkler system you’ve always wanted is the best shower head you can find. Rather than replacing your shower in its entirety, simply screwing a new shower head into place can have exactly the same effect at an exponentially lower price.

4. Install a new faucet

While on the subject, transforming the visual appeal of a bathtub, a sink or an entire bathroom can often be as easy as installing a new faucet. Don’t be perturbed by the prospect of DIY plumbing – removing a faucet and replacing it with something superior is surprisingly easy. That is, just as long as you ensure you pick one up that’s compatible with your current sink or tub.

5. Install accent lighting

Accent lighting is basically the technical term for any supplementary lighting you add to your rooms, to compliment the main lighting source. Table lamps, uplighters, LED string lights – anything you can think of to enhance the atmosphere of the room in question.  Accent lighting can also be just the thing to bring patios and outdoor living spaces to life, if you enjoy spending time outdoors.

New Bathroom

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

6. Add a window box

This is a great way of boosting the exterior appeal of your home, while at the same time giving you a gorgeous view of the blooms you plant. Plus, setting up and installing a window box is an absolute walk in the park – definitely a job to get your kids involved in.

7. Install dimmer switches

A retro home improvement it may be, but you won’t believe just how big of a difference a few strategically installed dimmers can make. Particularly during winter when your lights are switched on at most times of day or night, being able to control their intensity can be great for creating a relaxing and enjoyable ambience.

8. Stain wood cabinets

Last up, staining wooden furniture and fixtures around the home is just as easy as painting kitchen cabinet doors. You simply need to remove the hardware, sand them down to create a rough surface and get busy with the stain of your choosing. Feel free to look up a slightly more comprehensive tutorial if you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing, but that’s more or less all there is to it!

Top kitchen image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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