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Decision Making

When you are trying to decide on something it can play on your mind. You can find yourself having sleepless nights over it, you can feel yourself getting distracted by it when you are doing other things and you find yourself thinking about it all the time. It really can get in the way of everything else, so today we want to share a few tips around how to make that decision.

We all have our own processes for making decisions, and for some of us, decisions do come more easily than to others.

Those people who struggle to make quick decisions might feel those that do are impulsive and short sighted. Those that can make decisions speedily might think that those who can’t overthink things are too tentative. The truth of it is, as with most things, that you probably want to sit somewhere in the middle on this one. You want to be able to make considered and clear-cut decisions, without being crippled by self-doubt or by being rash.

We would suggest that when making decisions of some import, you go through a few of the following steps to be confident that you have weighed everything up.

These should work for you in most cases, whether you are looking to book a round the world trip, whether you are looking to buy a car and plan to visit Carlton Car Centre or whether you are looking into a career change. You can even apply them to smaller things, such as whether to go on that date or to buy that watch, everything involves a decision, which is where we will begin.

Make the right decision

Believe in your ability to make decisions

If you do struggle to make decisions, remind yourself that you actually make hundreds, even thousands daily. When to get up, what to wear, what time to leave for work, what to eat for breakfast, which radio station to listen to, and all before even leaving the house. You can and do make decisions all of the time.

Get it all out on paper

This process can help to clarify things for you as it can help to get all of your thoughts, the pros and cons and the worries out on paper.

If you are a list maker, write lists, if you just need to scribble down your thoughts, then get them out. This does not need to be seen by anyone else, so let it all out and onto paper.

Talk it over with a trusted friend

This will help you to make a decision, irrespective of any input you receive from your friend.

When you have to articulate all that you are weighing up and have to justify any thoughts and choices to someone else out loud, you will often find that you start to draw your own conclusions. You might also be guided by your friend’s input or advice and they might help you to cement what your gut was already telling you to do.

Do not tell yourself that it must be ‘right’

The most common reason that we procrastinate around making a decision is that we really want to get it right. This is natural, none of us want to deliberately make the wrong decision! But it is rare that making the wrong choice would have truly catastrophic ramifications, so go for it and take that leap. Retire abroad, start a new business or move to a cottage, none are irreversible, and all could be amazing.

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