Grown-up Alternatives To Our Favourite Fast Food

Greek Gyro

As we grow up, we learn to cook actual meals and appreciate good food. Gone are the days of a pasta bake made with a tin of soup or eating cereal for every meal. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain foods that are a kind of comfort blanket; foods that take us back to our care-free student days. Sometimes, all you want is a good-old portion of fried chicken. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of three grown-up alternatives to our favourite fast foods.

Instead of that donner kebab, try Greek gyros

The kebab is a student staple, and sure, there are still times when you long to end a night out with a greasy kebab. The thing is those kebab shops that populate all city centres actually loosely base their food on the Greek cuisine (though their attempt often ends up being pretty bad for you). Known for their grilled meats, the Greek’s sure know how to pull together a kebab. Find yourself a Greek deli and try out gyros. Just like your kebab-shop treats, gyros meat is cooked on a rotisserie, and is usually pork or chicken. The meat is then wrapped in a flatbread and served with tomato, onion, and traditional Greek tzatziki (minted yoghurt) – sometimes chips too.

If you fancy trying out making your own gyros and don’t have a rotisserie to hand, there are plenty of online recipes that use an oven or a pan instead.

Fried Chicken

Ditch the chicken nuggets and try some proper fried chicken

Whether you’re a McDonald’s lover or prefer nuggets from a kebab shop, chicken nuggets are a fast-food favourite. But trust us when we say that there are better ways to enjoy fried chicken. There are specialist fried chicken restaurants popping up all over the country, so you can enjoy some proper chicken in an actual restaurant instead of trying to juggle a cardboard box full of chicken, napkins (of course) and a drink.

To get your hands on some proper fried chicken, check out Deliveroo’s blog post about the best-fried chicken hotspots in London.

Japanese Ramen

Japanese Ramen” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by geraldford

Put down the kettle. Instead of instant noodles, try Japanese ramen

Remember the days when dinner was a pot noodle (and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that)? They’re easy to make, pretty tasty, and also pretty bad for you. Jam-packed with artificial flavours and salt, if you fancy noodles for tea you’re much better whipping up a portion of proper Japanese ramen. Wheat-based noodles are cooked in a meat (or sometimes fish) broth and flavoured with all sorts of Japanese flavours including curry and miso. The noodles are then topped with all sorts of yummy foods, including (but not limited to) BBQ pork, spring onions, bean sprouts and a boiled egg. Sounds so much better than a pot noodle, right?

For some serious noodle inspiration, check out Huffington Post’s blog post about their favourite ramen recipes.


So there you have it: three grown-up alternatives to your favourite fast foods. Whether you fancy having a go at cooking them for yourself or hitting a local restaurant, you can now enjoy those comfort foods in a much healthier and sophisticated way.

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