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Gardens-by-the-bay in Singapore

The life of a digital nomad can really be an amazing experience and being a freelancer opens a lot of possibilities to travel while working and working while travelling. In our current day and age it is entirely possible for many people to work remotely and to change their location on a regular basis.

One of the greatest advantages of this lifestyle is the fact that you can live in really exotic locations and learn about the local culture. While most of the time these types of digital nomads are seeking a place which will be as cheap as possible so they have higher disposable income, sometimes it makes sense to try living in a place with a higher standard of living like Singapore. Yes, it requires you to have a bit of a higher income, but it also presents unique opportunities and experiences that might very well justify the added cost.

So let’s look at a few reasons why Singapore might still be an attractive destination for a freelancer on the road.


The Local Culture

Singapore is one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world and it is quite tolerant and welcoming to foreigners of all sorts. Singaporeans actually pride themselves on their cultural openness and this means that this is one of the truly multi-cultural societies in the world. It will be very easy to make new friends there and find a social circle to become a part of. On top of this the large expat community will make it even easier to adapt to life in this otherwise exotic location. Racial or religious tension is extremely unlikely and whoever you are, you will feel welcome and free to be yourself.

The Weather

If you are looking for perpetual summer, Singapore is a great place to find it. The humid equatorial climate makes Singapore feel like a summertime resort all year round with the minor exception of the short rainy season in November and December which still doesn’t make the weather that unpleasant and is not at all cold. A lot of warm places in the world come with nights that might be chilly or even cold, but the fact that Singapore is located on the coast makes the temperature amplitudes much smaller and nights are quite pleasant, too.

Singapore at Night

It’s A Great Place To Learn And Develop

This benefit of moving to Singapore for a while is something you can rely on only if you take advantage of it, but it’s important and compelling nonetheless. As freelancers that want to stay competitive and up-to-date in our fields, it’s important that we keep our skills sharp and learn new things and skills on a regular basis. Singapore is actually an awesome place to do that as its education is top-notch and technology and efficiency are actually part of the culture. If you have an active approach towards expanding your knowledge, it’s a great place to be. One thing you can do is take advantage of the high quality personal tutors and learn from a well-trained private tutor Singapore has to offer.

Travel All Around Asia

Another reason many people choose Singapore as their temporary place of residence is the fact that it is deservedly called ‘The Hub Of Asia’. The city state boasts one of the best organized and run airports in the world so flying out is quick and pleasant. There are regular flights to all kinds of destinations you might find interesting and on top of this, flights tend to be affordable. This means that making Singapore your temporary base as a freelancer will allow you travel the region as much as you want so you can really make the most of it.

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