Five Interesting Facts About Roulette

Roulette Wheel

By now, most people have either played or, at the very least, know about the game of Roulette. It has become a classic at brick-and-mortar locations and online casinos everywhere. Whether you are just testing out the game or playing at the casino for real money, Roulette is a game loved all around the world.

Continue reading to find out how to dazzle your friends with your expert knowledge of the game, and maybe even surprise yourself!

#1 Two different types of Roulette games

To start off our list, here’s a simple one. There are actually two types of Roulette games that you can play.

The American version has a single and a double zero and is known to somewhat fall in the favour the house edge. Meanwhile, the European version tends to be more on the player’s side, and features just one green zero, emerging back in 19th century Germany. It’s thought that the German casino where this took place was actually trying to compete with other establishments in the area, so developed a version that offered better odds to players.

The house edge in the American version is around 5.26%, and the European version is only 2.7%. We think that’s definitely something to consider when you’re looking to play Roulette.

#2 Roulette is sometimes called the Devil’s Game

Moving on, whether deliberately, or by pure chance, the numbers on a Roulette wheel all add up to 666. The number in question has a level of significance in the Bible, otherwise known as the “Number of the Beast”, and directly linked to Satan himself.

One of the most notable nicknames for the game is “the Devil’s wheel”. This superstition has stuck since the game was created, and some people fear the connection, or use it as reasoning for bad luck during a game.

This is of course just a myth, or random bit of trivia, but it definitely can keep the conversation going when you’re with friends playing the game.

Game of Roulette

#3 Roulette uses different chips

Our next fun fact may not be known to Roulette wheel newcomers. When compared to other casino games, the chips used at the Roulette wheel are completely different. Firstly, the chips have no inherent value, whatever you buy-in for on the table is what the chips are worth.

Another way the chips are different is, it is common for Roulette players to place several bets at a time, so, to ensure that it doesn’t get too confusing, each player has their own colour-coded chips, so it’s clear to see who gets the pay-outs when someone wins. Also, the chips you use are bought from the Roulette table, and not from the cashiers.

This, of course, only applies to brick-and-mortar casinos. If you play online, your chips will be clearly identified, and the pay-outs are awarded to whoever wins.

#4 The French love Roulette

The game was invented in France, so it’s not so surprising that Roulette is one of the most popular games in the country. When visiting a French casino, you will see a less Slots games when compared to other popular casino destinations in the world.

#5 Roulette in California is played with cards

The gambling laws around the world can range from the strict to the quite strange, and California is no exception. Gambling is legal in the state; however, the results can only be generated by a deck of cards. You’re not allowed to play with a traditional wheel.

This Roulette adaptation lines the wheel with cards, and bets are made on single or multiple numbers, colours or suits or cards. To unveil the outcome, the dealer will shuffle their own deck of cards and whatever they place on the table is the final result.

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