The Essential Packing Guide For Cold Weather Breaks

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Warm in winter with slippers and hot drink

The allure of British wintertime is tried and tested, but plenty of us also love the cool, brisk air that comes with trips out to Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and the like. You might be taking a trip to New York City in the midst of a deliciously biting East Coast winter, or heading on a river cruise along the Danube to take in some of Europe’s Christmas market magic.

However you’re travelling, you know by now that packing is a crucial component of pre-holiday planning. Yet there are a few fast facts it’s wise to take on board, the handiest of which we’ve compiled below.

Wrap up warm on the way

Whatever the weather when you set out, if you’re going to be arriving into a winter wonderland it’s wise to ensure you’ve got a healthy mix of jumpers, coats, shirts and scarves to tide you by when your plane touches down. Remember, what you wear to the airport also saves on suitcase space – and for that reason alone you’ll want to be as pragmatic as you can.

Men's Winter Jacket

Big up the base layers

Base layers are the bread and butter of your winter packing. They’re the thin fabrics, be they long-sleeved tee-shirts or carried over summer staples, on top of which you’ll be layering more robust and rugged clothing. Two or three of these should see you through the week, and if you’re not planning an open layered look they don’t even have to match the rest of your wardrobe.

Embrace your extremities

Heads, hands and feet are the biggest concerns to have when packing for your break. These are the parts of your body most exposed to the elements, from your feet on the ground to your hands in the open air. Gloves and thick socks take up very little packing space, and hats can be worn to the airport as per our above advice.

Wherever you go you’re likely to be spending plenty of time in your hotel or rented accommodation, and keeping warm even then can really make a difference when it comes to enjoying your break. Both women’s and men’s slippers can be packed nice and compact in your case. Even if they’re not something you’ll get much use from back home, pocket-friendly options like Tu’s collection of slippers can really help to keep you warm during down time.

Winter Boots

Bring your best boots

It can’t be emphasised enough just how important a good pair of shoes is on your winter holiday. And for colder climates, decent boots are key. Even for a city break, it’s wise to ensure you’ve got a good mix of padding, sole grip and, of course, style.

Feel free to pair some sumptuously thick and cosy socks with your winter boots too. A slushy, icy, outdoor endeavour can pierce even the hardiest of suedes, leathers and fabrics, whereas the socks will give you an extra layer of much-needed protection.

What’s your best advice for packing in preparation for colder climes?

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