Drone Flying High In Europe: The Top Places to Take Off


Grey Drone

Drones ‘took off’ a little over four years ago, when they were introduced to the mass market and started cropping up in toy stores and hobby shops across the world. Previously associated with shady military dealings in war-torn areas, in the mid-2010s, drones were given a commercial makeover and introduced as machines with a variety of uses and practical applications. In the months and years that followed, tumbling prices and widespread availability saw drones explode in popularity; in 2018 it’s unlikely that you don’t know someone with a drone, if in fact you don’t own one yourself. The key to their popularity is their versatility.

The most traditional use for them is aerial view photography and videography; many budding filmmakers’ capabilities have been enhanced by the addition of a drone to their kit. But there’s also drone racing, where talented pilots zoom their drones around a pre-decided track, and the potential for drones to become an automated delivery service for the likes of Amazon and UPS.

Another key factor in their expansion to the popular market is that drones are small and relatively cheap. You can get a high-quality drone for under £1000 these days, and they’ll usually fit in a carrier the size of a suitcase. This makes them ideal for carrying around with you, especially if you’re off on holiday and want to capture some exciting aerial shots of your destination. With that in mind, check out this infographic of Europe’s Best Destinations for You and Your Drone!

The Case Farm - Europe's Best Destinations for you and your drone

Of course, when you’re carrying around such precious cargo, it makes sense to invest in a robust, protective case for your drone. Although they’re expensive pieces of kit, most drones are incredibly fragile. If you’re planning a jaunt across Europe’s top drone hotspots, it makes total sense to pick up a sleek case from the Case Farm, who certainly know their stuff when it comes to protecting your gear. The European airlines are not to be trusted with baggage handling! Europe is such a mixture of different cultures and sites that a trip over there is sure to land you some amazing footage. It’s the perfect canvas to try out your new drone. So what are you waiting for? Jet over to the continent and prepare for takeoff!

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