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When it comes to increasing your social media presence there are a number of things that a hotel business can do to help develop their social media. Hotels often face a number of unique challenges when it comes to maintaining social media activity but a lot can be done to increase their social media appearance.

  1. Create Facebook events to highlight events being hosted by the hotel

Facebook is one of the most utilised resources one can use to advertise local events going on. When users are checking their news feed on Facebook, the website keeps track of the location of its users and will show the user the location of what local events happening. One way to help gain attention to events being hosted by your hotel is to post local events by creating a Facebook event.

When you create an event on Facebook, it shows other users what events are going on in that local area. If one person is friends with a person who has marked themselves as attending one of those events, then it also appears on their network’s newsfeed.

Consistently creating and posting events can indirectly make your hotel’s page more visible. Making events on Facebook means more visibility, which in turn generates more visitors.

  1. Routinely upload content to your social media pages

By routinely uploading content to your hotel’s social media pages, you can benefit from public viewing of your website in a number of ways. One of the most important plus points of consistency is simply establishing that your business is active. There are many businesses that have social pages that make the mistake of not updating their content. This in turn can reflect badly on a brand.

It is better to upload content on a scheduled basis than to have infrequent posts. Having scheduled posts demonstrates to your customer base that you are connected with them and creates room for your popularity.

Many businesses make the mistake of not updating their social media posts frequently which can have the potential to send the wrong message to a customer – that you are not an active hotel.

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When your hotel’s posting regularly about the latest deals, events, and developments then it increases the viewability of your site. If your hotel uses social media as a way to promote deals consistently then it also serves as a free way to advertise your business. You have to keep creating traction by finding different ways to lure customers through social media.

There are various ways in which social media sites help promote your online presence. Twitter is a great medium to make official announcements for events and other notices. Instagram is great for quick conversions while Facebook has its own set of features. You have to have a specific strategy for marketing on all of these platforms.

  1. Respond to customers comments when they respond to your posts

Increasingly, companies are responding to customers directly through their social media accounts when they post on their site. Realistically, a business can’t expect to please every customer and there will be no shortage of people willing to express their grievances about a hotel online.

Responding to your customer’s comments, either positive or negative, shows that you are being active when addressing your customer’s needs and acknowledging them.

By responding to your customer’s negative comments with something as simple as “We’re sorry for your experience and what can we do to fix this?” can help mitigate any negative impressions someone might gain by looking at the comments of others.

If customers are looking at the reviews and they see that a hotel is responding to a customer’s concerns, then they will likely downplay the negative review.

Another benefit of responding to your customers consistently on social media is that it makes your business appear more friendly and interactive. Typically, unaddressed concerns can be seen as a type of barrier between you and the customer which can hurt customer satisfaction, causing them to not return.

Research has shown that when businesses respond to negative reviews then the perception they have can be changed to a positive one. A study shows that there are even specific ways a business can best respond to negative reviews to please a customer, usually including an apology and a statement of asking what they could have done better.


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  1. Use targeted smart ads

If someone is searching online for hotels, Google will show them an ad of your hotel that is inclusive of the date range and location they are looking for. This is a relatively new feature and a tool other hotels are increasingly using to gain viewership.

Facebook allows you to do targeted ads for the specific demographic you are trying to target. Facebook has a dynamic ad feature that allows you to target individuals that are more likely to travel for example.

There are also similar sites like Google ads that can give you a wider range of audiences. Social Media can be an effective way to target specific ads for people that want to attract to your hotel.

  1. Take advantage of analytics

Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can give you better insights into the type of demographics that you are reaching through the use of analytics. All social media websites can show you who exactly is clicking on your advertisements and how long they are looking at them before taking an action (for example clicking).

Analytics can also reveal many other pieces of information about your customers like age, geography, and type of behavior. With this knowledge about your customers, you can in turn be more effective in the use of your marketing strategies.

Social Media sites have recently given business owners better tools to understand their customer base. You can A/B test various ad campaigns and compare data to understand your customers better. You can get into the details by looking at various demographics like age, location, gender etc for people that are responsive to your ads. This will help you maximise your conversions.

By using targeted ads, you can be more effective in converting the amount spent on advertising to revenue. By using social media tools like Facebook analytics, you can refine your marketing to better capture what your intended customer base is.

A hotel can effectively leverage their social media presence by being more proactive with how they approach it. Many hotels make the mistake by sparsely posting events, not communicating with customers and not understanding their customer base.

By using some of the tools social media sites offer in an efficient manner, a hotel can help increase awareness and maintain public relations, while making sure that they are maximising returns on marketing costs.

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