Incredible Reasons To Visit Chania In Crete


Chania in Crete

Greece is a part of the world which is always popular with tourists because it is a place which has hot weather for much of the year as well as some of the most stunning views and landscapes imaginable. If you are looking to book a holiday to Greece this year, you may be looking at the islands as well as the mainland, and one of the most popular islands is Crete. If you fancy visiting Crete this year, Chania is the place to go and here’s why.

It’s beautiful

If you go on a trip in the hopes of being surrounded by stunning scenery, Chania is the city to be in. Out of the whole of Crete, Chania has some of the most awesome views and unique buildings you will see. It is the ideal place to enjoy a break away from reality and you can spend your time walking through the streets and eating in some cute little street side cafés too.

Narrow streets in Chania

The locals

As you may already know, the people in Greece are incredibly friendly and will immediately make you feel like one of the family. A visit to Chania will often result in you spending time with the locals and even having dinner at their houses with their families. You’ll see no better example of welcoming folk than here!

Narrow streets

One of the best features which Chania has that other cities don’t is the view and the super narrow streets. If you are looking for a town you can get completely lost in and one which has a whole host of hidden gems and unique shops, here is the place. It will easily take you the whole day to weave your way through the streets and it can be the ideal spot for a city break by the sea.

The food

Who could possibly talk about Greece without mentioning the amazing food they have on offer? Greek cuisine is some of the most popular in the world, with fresh grilled meats, amazing vegetables and some super flavourful dips. You can sit by the sea and enjoy a Greek mezze with olives, cheeses, meats, hummus, Tzatziki and fresh pitta bread… what could be better than that?

Waterfront in Chania

The beaches

If you fancy a beach getaway in a stunning location, you can find nowhere better than Chania. You may want to rent a car in Chania and enjoy visiting some of the many beaches which surrounds the area. A visit to Balos, Falassarna and Elfanissi will be the ideal medicine for a stressful month or two at work.

It’s always lively

If you enjoy both being up bright and early for a walk and going out for drinks in the evening, Chania offers options for everyone. The city is always alive and buzzing throughout the day and into the night, so you will have no shortage of fun things to do during your stay here. Nightlife can be fun, and you will be able to enjoy the stunning sunset over the landscape as you get ready to start your evening.

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