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Chinese New Year Main

Following on from our article on February 20th where we reported on the Chinese New Year celebrations in Central London, we decided to publish a second piece focusing on the brightly coloured performers with a photographic montage by talented photographer Jonathan Kemp who was at the event on Sunday 18th February when thousand of people from around London and the country congregated in central London to enjoy this annual spectacle, which this year celebrated the Year of the Dog.

Chinese New Year Band

Chinese New Year Drummer

Happy onlookers

Being the largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia, it seems only fitting that London should put on such a large and colourful show and this year was no exception, with the theme focussed on “Celebrating the Golden Era for UK-China Relations” emphasising the friendship and collaboration between Britain and China.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragons

Everyone was having fun

The celebrations started at 10:00am on a thankfully dry day, with a long Grand Parade which lasted some two hours and featured the largest gathering of over 50 Chinese Dragon and Lion teams performing in front of the smiling crowds through the streets of London, starting at Trafalgar Square and ending up in Chinatown.

Year of the Dog

Dogs jumping on high poles

Dog Costume

At midday Trafalgar Square was filled with spectacular performances and plenty of firecrackers, the agility of some of the performers being most impressive, particularly the dogs that have two people inside, managing to jump from one pole to another without losing their balance or falling off.  It really was most impressive to watch and the crowd of onlookers loved it.

Everyone was happy

Smiling Faces

Family Fun

These photographs focus on some of the individuals who were either performing or were in some way connected with the parade and celebrations on the day.  As you can see, age was no obstacle!

Editorial by Simon Burrell, Editor-in-Chief of Our Man On The Ground and photographs by Jonathan Kemp, a London-based photographer specialising in portrait and event photography.

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