Winter In Malta

Fishing Village in Malta

Malta, being an island is known for the sea and the island life that it brings along with it. The tourist surge is also very evident with a lot of teens and young adults visiting Malta for the nightlife, boat parties, beaches and other festivals like Earth Garden, Glitch Fest and Beer Fest. This is a very interesting and exciting time to visit the islands, but it is not the only time to visit.

Unfortunately, winter gets overlooked as a time to visit Malta. Since swimming won’t be an option, festivals will happen very sparsely, and tourists don’t visit as often. The Maltese islands still have a lot to offer during the colder periods of the year.

Malta experiences around 360 days of sunshine so it is very easy to plan a trip here. The weather will probably be great and not too cold as to feel uncomfortable. But in winter there is still plenty to do.


Image by Mojca JJ from Pixabay

Hiking is one of those things. Malta and especially Gozo are beautiful to go walking around places like Had-Dingli, Bidnija, Ghajn Tuffieha and other such places. In summer everything is dried up but in winter everything is green and vibrant. The true beauty of the Maltese countryside is wonderful. Horse-riding is also a very sought-after activity in the winter, and since the trails are much prettier at this time of year, it’s a popular activity.

Visiting Gozo should also be on your list. Gozo is the sister island of Malta but less industrious and seems to be stuck in time. Its hikes are truly amazing and walking along the cliffs looking onto the Mediterranean Sea is a sight to behold.

Street in Valletta

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The nightlife in Malta does not calm down in the colder months. People still will be enthusiastic about going out, and this is apparent throughout all the year. Paceville offers a great many selections of bars, pubs and clubs for all ages to visit. Usually, young adults frequent the nightclubs often and bars close by. Besides Paceville, Valletta offers a wide variety of restaurants where one can choose between a casual dinner or a fancy restaurant. Sliema offers the same possibility and they are only a 15-minute ferry ride away or a 20-minute bus ride. Bugibba is also another place packed with bars and pubs to choose from. Make sure to visit any of these places to not miss out on anything.

Malta during the wintertime has something quite different to offer visitor than the summer period. The tourist influx is apparent in summer, but winter has its own unique feel. Not to mention the Christmas Markets and new year’s celebrations that it hosts which are grand and exciting. The Maltese countryside comes to life in winter. Many places have trails to explore, or you can go on a stroll along the seaside. If the weather permits a beautiful walk along the shore and promenade is a very relaxing and calming thing to do. You will find a lot of cafes and restaurants along the sea because people try to capitalise on the amazing views, so be sure to stop by and just chill out. If you are interested in visiting the island make sure to try out our hotels in Malta for a truly beautiful and one of a kind experience.

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