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Florence - Italy's Cities

With so many spectacular countries in Europe, choosing a place to visit might be a challenge. In this article, we will be highlighting some cities which are particularly notable and stand out amongst all the others. Be sure to do your research because with the sheer variety of cities, you should be able to find one specifically tailored for you.

Of course, there might be people who would rather charter a luxury yacht instead of getting on a plane. And whilst these destinations might not provide that opportunity, it could still be an option for you.

Florence, Italy

Florence, the birth of the Renaissance, is a beautiful Tuscan city that still holds wonder to this day. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and once there, you can clearly see why. The city is made predominantly of marble and you will be in awe seeing all the architectural and artistic buildings. The city is known for artists like Michelangelo and Da Vinci while also housing many others. It is also a hub for the avant-garde.

Once in the city, you will be transported back to the Renaissance era, the city contributed to a lot of art of Western civilisation. Artists of the Renaissance are responsible for the aesthetic, scientific, educational and political input that we are now using or have used in the past.

The city is famous and is a tourist hub for anyone looking to learn more or experience Italy’s culture and history, so be sure to book everything well in advance before your visit, as a lot of people frequent this city every year.

While you’re in Florence be sure to walk around the city, and outside the city walls, the Tuscan landscape is something else. It is truly a peaceful and calm region of Italy.

This region has an immense and incredible legacy, so read up on your history before visiting so you will have a bit of background and can make the most of your time there.

Old Town Wroclaw

Image of Old Town Wroclaw by pedro_wroclaw from Pixabay

Valletta, Malta

While Malta is a very small country, don’t let this put you off, because it has a lot to offer. Valletta itself is home to a lot of cultural institutions making it a hub for the contemporary. The Manoel Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in Europe and well worth a visit, because they offer intimate shows which are not to be missed.

The city was built after the Great Siege in order to protect the Grand Harbour from another invasion. If you walk to the upper Barrakka you will see some of the other fortifications that are older. The city is also filled with bars and restaurants, so there is plenty to do in the evening.

Malta’s capital city Valletta is however quite small, and walking around it doesn’t take long, so, be sure to take a look at other fortified cities. Mdina is even older than Valletta and you can clearly see this. Built on top of a hill, it overlooks all of Malta. Mdina and around its vicinity is also filled with restaurants which will have a beautiful view of the Maltese landscape so save some time and book a meal!

If you are looking for hotels in Malta, be sure to check out St Hotels for the best accommodation the island has to offer.

Wroclaw, Poland

One of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Poland. The city has a rich yet turbulent history, the Cathedral is one of the prettiest sites in Europe, while it is also a reminder of the city’s Middle Ages. The Gothic-Renaissance City hall is an amazing hub of life in the market square.

Besides this, the city also has a lot of parks and green areas with around 14 parks and gardens. You have ample places for relaxing walks to calm and wind down. You can also take some time to go to other cities like Warsaw and Krakow, which all have their own characteristics, making them special. Other than that, Poland is a very budget-friendly location, so you won’t burden your wallet too much.


Europe houses some of the most cultural and historic places in the world. If you are able to visit a European city, be sure to take the opportunity because it is one where you will learn and enjoy a lot. Treasure the time you spend and make sure to plan well in advance. A lot of European cities have a lot of museums and historical landmarks which make them culturally very rich. The nightlife is also very vibrant. If you are looking for placed that have a vibrant and busy nightlife, be sure to do you research and know where you are going or make friends with some locals. People are generally speaking very friendly, and you should be able to make friends relatively easily.

Top image of Florence by Andrea Spallanzani from Pixabay

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