Witness The Northern Lights Like Never Before With A Norwegian Cruise


The Northern Lights

Think of a palette of cool hues of greens, pinks, blues and violet dancing rhythmically across the dark sky and the beautiful Northern Lights is the first thing that comes to mind. The Northern Lights, also commonly referred to as Aurora Borealis which can be found in both Norway and Iceland, is a display of colourful lights across the sky that occurs due to collision of charged gaseous particles in the atmosphere. While this interesting occurrence is purely nature and has a scientific explanation, the breathtaking celestial view that is created due to its occurrence makes it one of the most sought-after attractions for tourists, travellers and explorers alike. These colourful lights emerge near the magnetic poles of and the northern coast of Norway is one of the best places on earth to catch a glimpse of this beauty.

Since the northern lights are essentially a colourful show of lights that emerges in a dark sky, it becomes difficult and relatively less appealing to view it if the area is contaminated by any other lighting. For this reason, it is recommended to observe the Aurora Borealis from a location that does not have any other form of light to disrupt the view. This makes sailing through the open sea an ideal way to view the Northern Lights since there are no lights to pollute the sky in the sea. When it comes to sailing for leisure, a trip on Norwegian Coastal Cruises is by far the best way to go out and view the Northern Lights from the deck of one of their ships.

Norwegian Cruises Ship

Experience the Unseen

The Norwegian Coastal Cruise makes small temporary stopovers at a number of beautiful islands spread along the Norwegian Coast as it sails across the Arctic circle. Since these islands are home to small closely knitted local communities, regular commercial cruises do not stop over at these places. Since Norwegian Coastal Cruises make multiple stopovers at these islands to fetch supplies and mail, the passengers get the chance to explore the unseen beauty and experience a vibrant mix of unique cultures in a single journey. Mingling with local inhabitants of these islands is a truly one of its kind experience.

The Beautiful Coastal Belt

Norway boasts one of the most beautiful coastal belts in the world. Also known as the Hurtigruten, the Norwegian coastline is actually one of the longest coastlines in the world and is home to some of the most interesting and complex geological features such as islets and fjords. These islets and fjords, which have formed due to a consistent pattern of erosion over the years, offer an extraordinarily beautiful view for nature lovers. Whilst a lot of tourists explore the Norwegian coast by road, navigating the coastal belt by sea is the best way to experience this majestic coastline in its true form.

A Different Journey Every Time

What makes the Norwegian Coastal Cruises stand out from other cruise ship companies is the fact that no matter how many times you take the cruise, every voyage will offer a unique experience. Each ship in the fleet and every journey has its own unique character that is influenced by the season, climate, the ever-changing ecosystem around the coastline, festival, destinations, people on board and communities it will interact with among other things. The unique blend of various elements of changing seasonal flora and fauna and a mix of culture and communities makes each journey an exciting and rejuvenating experience.

Feel Close to Nature

Since the idea of taking Norwegian Coastal Cruises primarily revolves around experiencing the beauty of nature as closely as possible, unlike conventional commercial cruises, it does not offer any artificial entertainment on board that might distract you from enjoying the nature around you. However, the ship has internet facilities available on board along with all other amenities that are necessary to make passengers feel at home.

Northern Lights in Norway

Comfortable Accommodation

All the ships that form part of the Norwegian Coastal Cruises have a wide variety of spacious and comfortable suites to choose from. The suites are of different sizes and locations around the ships so that passengers can choose the view of their choice. The bedrooms are decorated to give a cosy and homely feeling with plush bedding and an en suite bathroom and are equipped with all the necessary amenities including a television and a kitchenette. There are also a few suites available that cater for passengers with special needs.

The fact that the Norwegian Coastal Cruises focus on making you feel comfortable and relaxed while you experience nature in its purest form, makes its calm and quiet decks the best place to view The Northern Lights whilst on the move in the open seas. You really cannot experience such an uninterrupted and smooth view of the beautiful colours dancing in the sky from anywhere else in the world.

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