The Top 8 Casino Acts Of All Time

Celine Dion - Las Vegas Act
Celine Dion performing in Las Vegas - Photo credit: LA Times

If whirring roulette wheels and clattering one-arm-bandits weren’t enough to get your pulse racing at the thought of sparkling Las Vegas, remember the spectacular live acts who grace the gleaming stages all year round too, many of whom earn millions of dollars doing so.

But who have been the biggest casino acts in Vegas’ colourful history? Read on to find out.

Celine Dion

There’s so much more to Celine than Jack and Rose’s haunting background flute. While of course we can never deny the immense effect My Heart Will Go On has had on our collective conscience, the woman has plenty more up her sequined sleeve, both vocally and in terms of show-stopping performance value, as her seven year Vegas residency proves. Ms Dion has made an impressive $229,086,433, performing some 418 shows.

Britney Spears peforming in Las Vegas
Britney Spears peforming in Las Vegas

Britney Spears

Brit began her Vegas residency in 2013 and many have described it as the best thing she ever did. With more than 700,000 tickets sold for her Piece of Me Vegas show, it’s not hard to see why. This summer, Britney will become the biggest ever act to perform at the annual LGBTQ Pride celebrations in Brighton, England.

Mariah Carey

Between May 2015 and July 2017, Mimi performed her trademark vocal gymnastics at the legendary Colosseum venue at Caesar’s Palace, earning almost $24 million through just 50 shows. Though her voice had come under heavy scrutiny from critics prior to her Vegas gig, it seems everyone’s favourite diva pulled off her falsetto-and-fur themed set just fine.

Mariah Carey Performance
Mariah Carey Performance

Jennifer Lopez

JLo’s high-energy Vegas residency ‘All I Have’ began in 2016 and is still going strong today at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. She’s in good company as The Backstreet Boys currently perform their Larger Than Life show there too. La Lopez is paid a staggering $466,870 per show, and with death-defying dance moves and an unwavering vocal, it’s not undeserved.

Elton John

Million Dollar Piano? Sounds about right. Elton has been performing in Vegas for seven years so far and has earned more than $83 million to date. So that’s 83 pianos in the collection, we presume. The set includes all Elton’s classics like Tiny Dancer and Crocodile Rock, meaning you’ll need your best retro dance moves to match.

Jennifer Lopez performing in Las Vegas
Jennifer Lopez performing in Las Vegas – Photo credit: Billboard

Elvis Presley

Now we’re talking. In seven years, Elvis performed some 636 shows, more than three times what Elton has done in the same period, earning over $229 million. Though many associate Elvis’ time in Vegas with cocaine, hamburgers and the unfortunate incapacity of sideburns as a method of disguising weight gain, it should be noted that despite the sad drift from his earnest rock and roll beginnings, the King still brought the magic.

David Copperfield

And speaking of magic. Illusionist David Copperfield has maintained an 18-year stint at the MGM Casino in Vegas, earning himself a colossal $850,000,000 and leading Forbes magazine to refer to him as the world’s most successful magician. Perhaps a welcome break from all the chandelier-shattering high notes, Copperfield aims to prove with his show that “magic is as vast as the imagination”.

Siegfried and Roy

In 13 years at the Mirage Resort and Casino, Siegfried and Roy made upwards of $579 million with their acts involving white lions and tigers. The pair performed tricks and routines with their fluffy white friends until 2003, when Roy was dragged by the neck in the jaws of a tiger named Montecore. Though the injury brought their Vegas reign to an end, Roy is said to have spoken out in defence of the tiger that maimed him.

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