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Moonshine Saloon Card Game

You didn’t hear it from me, but the King of Moonshine is out of the clink and back in business, and cousin business is a-boomin’! As long as you can keep his racquet on the down low and away from the Sheriff or more importantly his wife! You will be in for a hell of an evening at Moonshine Saloon.

What this means is the Moonshine Saloon is open for business. From the team that brought you the sell-out BYOB bar concept, Alcotraz, comes a one-of-a-kind immersive cocktail bar experience, which is set to transport guests from the streets of West London to the streets of the Wild West.

Moonshine Saloon Bar

Guests will be kitted out to look the part (we don’t want no city slickers in here) from Stetson hats, to a rugged bandana and everything in between by the local tailor (who’s onto a new invention that’s gonna change the world). Now that you look the part you can enter the outlaw world of moonshining.

Much like its predecessors this experience is BYOB, choose your spirit of choice and let the bartenders work their magic. Moonshining is awful thirsty work. Once settled in, buckle up and enjoy the ride as you mingle with the locals playing card and dice games and swapping tales of the wild west and outlaw country.

Moonshine Saloon Interior

During my time in the saloon, and in-between tales of my gunslinger days, I sampled a few delights the King had prepared such as Colonsay Gin and The Duppy Share Rum alongside a selection of whiskies from R&B distillers, such as the Raasay While We Wait Single Malt and the highland single grain Scotch whisky, Borders. It is because of these I think that card hustler took all my heist money! Apart from failing to win my money back I got a sneak peak of the operation from the King himself, was interrogated by the Sheriff (I ain’t no snitch) and saw how dangerous the moonshine business really is.

As you may be able to tell, it is awfully hard to break from the character of the evening (who doesn’t want to be a professional cowboy?), which goes to show not only how much fun the saloon is but how much effort and attention to detail the Inventive production team have put in.

Moonshine Saloon Drink

Sam Shearman, founder of this new project, says: “With Alcotraz we created London’s first immersive cocktail bar, which placed guests at the centre of the action and allowed for theatre to take place around them whilst delicious cocktails were enjoyed. Moonshine Saloon will take this to a completely new scale, creating a new world as opposed to simply a new bar!”

The Saloon doors swing open this summer and for a limited time only guests will be able to stow away their weapons and join the King of the Moonshiners!

Moonshine Saloon Role Play

The Details

Moonshine Saloon, 535 King’s Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0SZ

Tel: +44 (0)203 109 0491



The Moonshine Saloon can be found close the bridge on the King’s Road. The nearest Tube station is Fulham Broadway on the District line. This new pop-up bar is open from Thursday 31st May to Saturday 25th August 2018 and opens its doors Wednesday to Friday from 6:15pm to 10:15pm and on Saturday from 12:15pm to 11:00pm. It is closed Sunday to Wednesday inclusive.

Type of Bar: Western Themed Immersive Cocktail Bar

Bookings can be made online here or via DesignMyNight.  There is a booking fee of £33.99 which includes 4 cocktails from brought drink of choice + 1.45 hours inside the Saloon.

Author Bio:

Sam Brady is a London based freelance writer and photographer covering travel and lifestyle.

Photographs by Sam Brady

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