Seeking The Thrill Of Travelling In Unusual Ways

Travelling with a yacht

Many of us like to travel to new places and experience all different kinds of cultures and landscapes, but we often do this by booking ourselves into a particular hotel, and we don’t tend to stray far from that area. Here are some unusual ways in which you can vacate and experience our wonderful planet for you to consider the next time you’re travelling.

Find A Family

One brilliant ways of truly experiencing another culture is to find a family willing to take you in for the duration of your stay. They may be renting a room out for you to sleep in, or they might simply ask for help on their farm in exchange for a free room. Imagine being with them and working as they do, experiencing what they do for fun, and also finding out what other families are like from across the globe.

Take To The Seas

Many people choose to travel on the sea so that they can visit and experience many different cultures and cities in one trip. Instead of going for your regular cruise ship, why not opt for yacht holidays which will allow you to experience the world in style. It’s not often that you would get the chance to live the high life and travel via yacht, so the next time you’re looking to travel keep this idea in mind.

Travelling Motorhome


As we all know, there are many countries in this world that are dealing with devastation and poverty every day of their lives. Instead of travelling to many different parts of the world, why not dedicate your time, effort, and love into making these people’s lives a little bit better. Not only will you experience yet another way of life, but it will give you an enormous sense of well-being knowing that you’ve helped some people in need. There are never enough volunteers to help these poor countries, so make a difference the next time you travel.

Travel Yourself

Rather than taking the usual route when you’re next travelling, consider getting your hands on a campervan and make the journey yourself. You will save money on plane tickets, airport charges, and you will be completely in control over where you travel to. If there aren’t any hotels or B&B’s available, you could simply sleep in your campervan and experience nature.

Teaching and travelling


Many countries like China are always looking for more English teachers for their students. What a fabulous way of changing up your career while experiencing yet another new part of the world. It doesn’t just stop there either, you could explore other countries that need teachers and see where you end up. The possibilities are endless of how to teach English to kids.

As you can see, there are many different ways of travelling that don’t necessarily have to cost you much money. You can still experience many wonderful things, but you’re allowing yourself to do so without spending a lot of money on hotels and travel. Next time you travel, try seeking the thrill of it in an unusual way!

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