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I didn’t realise Facials could be so relaxing and intoxicating...

This lovely little Boutique Spa is buried in the depths of The Ritz-Carlton and has just 4 treatment rooms, 3 for single massages and 1 for couples.  They also have a dry sauna, steam room and fitness centre.  The clientele tend to be locals and regulars who particularly like the personal care and service. They use Éminence, an Hungarian organic skin care brand.

The hotel had arranged a Spa treatment for me shortly after I checked in.  I was greeted in the Lobby by the delightful Spa Manager Esmaralda and taken down to meet Poy my Therapist.  Assuming I was having a full body massage I think they could tell the panic in my face when I was informed that I was in fact having a facial.  I said guys don’t have facials to which the reply was that I would be surprised how many in fact do.

I need not have worried as Poy was so expert and professional.  She first wanted to find out whether I had dry or oily skin and how I looked after my face, did I use moisturiser followed by a few more questions so she could give me the most effective treatment.

The first step is to find out how you breathe and Poy will wait until you get it right.  She then touches the skin to see how it feels.  Apparently my face was dehydrated and red, so she mixed some Stone Crop Masque and Key Lime Vanilla Age-Defying Masque and put it on my face covered with a gauze mask and then used Tea Water: Camomile, Lavender or Calendula (green leaf). That was left on for 5-7 minutes whilst my chest, arms and scalp were gently massaged.  I was now feeling quite relaxed.

The mask was then removed and a Wild Plum Eye Cream was applied.  My face was then cleansed twice under steam.  The first time it was cleansed with Strawberry Rhubarb and then a Clarisonic brush is used on the skin for 1 minute.  The second cleansing involves Alpha hydroxyl left on for 3 minutes and then a pie apple enzyme for another 3 minutes and then a warm towel is placed over the face for another 1 minute.  The pores are now open and spots and blackheads can be extracted.

It was interesting to learn from Poy that she can tell most people don’t clean their sunglasses and cell phones, as the bacteria leaves clear marks on the face!  She can also tell when people use the wrong toothpaste as it leaves their skin dry around the mouth.

So back to my treatment.  After the extraction, which incidentally is not at all painful, Poy placed an Hibiscus Calendula Recovery Masque over my face as a first layer, the Hibiscus has healing properties.  That is followed with Couperose-C extraction which has a soothing and calming effect on the skin.  A Stone Crop Hydrating gel is then put on top followed by Persimmon and Cantaloupe Day Cream (SPF 32) for oily skin.  My face was glowing and felt simply amazing.  It was quite an experience.

When I recounted this tale to a girlfriend a few days later, she said that in fact she really respects any guys that are brave enough to have a facial and contrary to my belief, thinks it is a manly thing to do.  I am now officially a convert!

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Last updated on 14-11-2011

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