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“If we are lucky, we may see barracudas, giant groupers, sharks and maybe some rays.”  She says, smiling to the boat of six divers of whom I am one.

“How big are the sharks here?”  I immediately ask; my little voice reveals my absolute fear of such an encounter.

She opens her arms wide.  “Several times bigger than this.” I gulp.

“The shark aren’t a threat, it’s the barracuda you want to watch out for…” Adds one of the other divers; “they are super aggressive and will attack you for no reason.”  What am I doing on this boat? Is it too late to opt out?

I am near Mahé Island, the biggest of 115 islands that form the Seychelles and I, along with five other divers and three diving instructors from Blue Sea Divers Centre, are about to undertake two dives (costing 95 Euros per person) from the coast of Beau Vallon Beach. Located near the marine reserve, the Beau Vallon Beach enjoys access to some of the most beautiful dive sites of the island.

Although it is possible to dive all year round from Beau Vallon Beach, the quality of each dive site depends on the prevailing winds; the team at The Blue Sea Divers Centre recommend the transition periods of April / May and October / November offer the best conditions for diving. During these periods, the water temperature is a nice warm 29ºC and visibility extends beyond 30 meters. The depth of the dives can vary from eight to 20 meters for sites near the coast and up to 40 meters for open water dives and shipwrecks.

We arrive at our first dive site; two shipwrecks, lying approximately 13 meters deep.  My diving buddy and I slip into our gear and run our safety checks. Our dive instructor, Kurtis, checks our gear one last time for safety before we enter the water. The Blue Sea Divers provide one qualified, multi-lingual instructor per two divers.  13 meters deep, the visibility is fantastic! Schools of brightly coloured fish surround the two shipwrecks. On the surface of the ships are the smallest yet most extravagant of creatures. Our instructor points out Frog-Fish, Scorpion Fish, Sea Cucumbers, Eels, Angel fish and a huge school of yellow snapper.

Back on the boat, we each excitedly describe what we saw over a cup of hot coffee; an awesome first dive!  One of the divers seems disappointed to not have encountered a shark. “Phew!” is my thought.  Our second dive, the Coral Gardens, is a ten-minute boat ride away and a 50 minute dive.  Back in the water, I struggle to equalize the air pressure in my ears and panic with the pain, Kurtis responds immediately; he calms me with wonderful patience as we slowly lower ourselves deeper into the water.  I am grateful for Kurtis' assistance, otherwise, unable to equalize and panic stricken, I may have missed the spectacular rainbow colours of the Coral Garden.  It is due to strict environmental protection measures that the Seychelles offer such impressive marine wildlife and with the fantastic service of dive centers like the Blue Sea Divers, divers of all levels of experience get to enjoy the beauty of these deep waters.

Liz Tecirli is a freelance travel writer currently based in The Gulf specialising in adventure travel, extreme sports and luxury breaks.

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Snorkeling Trips from €30 per person; Discovery Dive Experience for beginners from €95; Refresh Dive from €70. PADI courses start from €80 for one dive.

Last updated on 15-06-2014

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