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Bars, restaurants, lounges… “It” places have all come and gone from the Scottsdale scene over the years, but AZ88 has remained relevant and at the top of that “It” list despite over two decades in the business.

Perhaps it is the modish simplicity of the modern décor that keeps this establishment in rhythm with the pulse of AZ society.

Floor to ceiling windows, a stainless steel bar and high white walls are the perfect canvas for hanging the best in avant-garde art installations that rotate throughout the year. Or perhaps it is the New York vibe from the East Coast owners who ensure the ever-flowing tunes from of-the-moment DJs. But whatever gives AZ88 its je ne sais quoi, locals have remained intrigued.

The attire is “casual” but AZ88 appears to be one of the few places were the customers actually bring their fashionable A-game. When in Arizona however, you’re as likely to see a pair of flip-flops as you are a pair of Jimmy Choos on any given Friday night. The moral of the story: wear what you want.

Equal parts bar and restaurant, chilled cocktails are poured with precision and lessons learned has taught one it is better to sip before you attempt to lift your glass to your lips (you’ll see). AZ88’s definitive cocktail, the martini, comes in flavors such as the Summer Solstice, a frothy coral concoction of citrus flavors that will tease your taste buds. During peach season, the Bellini is made with fresh nectar and is a most delightful champagne experience.

The classic American menu serves up grilled cheese, blue cheese burgers, Cobb salads, and Bonfire Chicken (AZ88’s take on BBQ chicken), staying true to dishes their loyal followers can count on. One of the few restaurants that serve a full menu late night, AZ88 will make your tried and true dishes until 12:30am.

Open 7 days a week from 11:30am to 1:30am for cocktails, 12:30 for food.

Kendra Ford is a freelance travel writer based in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Reviewer's Rating
Cuisine American
Clientele Locals
Restaurant good for Meeting up with friends
Cost per head Low
Dress Code Casual
Dining Options Lunch, Dinner
Accept Reservations No

Additional Ambience Information

Simple modern décor.

Additional Price Comments

Appetizers from around the $7 mark; salads from $9; sandwiches from around $10; burgers around $9 to $13; desserts from $6.50.

Last updated on 05-03-2013

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