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With it’s modern exterior; industrial aluminum panels and expansive windows, Casa De Luz stands out amongst the historic buildings of San Diego’s North Park district.

Once considered a sketchy neighborhood, North Park has literally transformed over the last decade pathing the way for some of the trendiest restaurants, bars and shops in San Diego.

It was the “Plant Based Cuisine” tagline that grabbed my attention and prompted me to venture inside. Casa De Luz takes up half a city block yet feels impressively large when you walk in with exposed ceilings that reach up more than 20 feet and stairs that lead to a second level towards the back.

A combination of natural materials were used in the furniture and décor, complimented with modern light fixtures, massive wrought iron chandeliers and chalkboards highlighting menu items of the day, quotes and core values.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. – Einstein” Powerful stuff. Especially as you’re preparing to order your meal. With movies like “Food, Inc.” and “Forks Over Knives” increasing in popularity, we are beginning to recognize more than ever the importance of an organic plant based diet.

Casa De Luz is more than a restaurant, in fact, as I was talking with the employees, they used terms like “temple of conscious living” and “educational community healing center” to describe it. In addition to serving 3 meals a day, they hold classes and lectures on the second level throughout the week.

Although I myself indulge in a non-vegetarian, non-vegan diet that includes gluten, I am very conscious of eating organic whenever possible so when I learned that the restaurant was 100% Organic and sourced from seasonal, local farms, I was on board. When I learned that it is vegan, gluten free and based on a macrobiotic diet (excluding foods like tomatoes for their acidic/toxic properties), I thought to myself, they better be creative or this might be “too healthy” for me!

As I stood with my girlfriend trying to decide what to order, we realized that there was one entrée to choose from with the option to add soup and/or salad. Maybe one of the most unique menus I’ve seen, it rotates three times daily, but there is only one main option per meal. So, we ordered the lunch combo of the day.

The soup and salad were self-serve so we filled our plates and bowls as we awaited our main entrée. When it arrived, it was like a work of art, beautifully arranged and full of unique flavors: Roasted Beets topped with Tofu Ricotta and Maple sautéed leeks, Brown rice and green onions, Pinto beans, Blanched Kale with Maple-mustard sauce and Pickled radishes.

This is the kind of food that is not only filling, but leaves you feeling healthy and full of energy. The plate contains the perfect balance of what your body needs, is sourced from local farms according to nature’s seasonal rhythms and is produced in a way that is healthy for the environment and the people eating it.

(Angelina Sereno is Creative Director at Skybox Creative, a San Diego based creative agency).

Photographs courtesy of Skybox Creative

Reviewer's Rating
Cuisine American
Dietary Requirements Accommodated Yes
Clientele Locals and those in the know
Restaurant good for Families with children, Meeting up with friends
Cost per head Medium
Dress Code Casual
Dining Options Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Additional Ambience Information

Going green never looked or tasted so good.

Additional Price Comments

If you get the entrée with soup and salad, you can expect to pay somewhere around $20 (entrée $10, soup $5, salad $5).

Last updated on 24-01-2014

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