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Craft & Commerce is a really funky place. They have really delicious food and creative, yummy drinks, but they don’t do a lot to promote themselves, and their website is really unassuming.

On weekend nights the place is packed! You can wait up to an hour for a table so I recommend sitting at the bar and making a few new friends, which happens easily at this place. Apparently it has become a huge neighborhood hit and people walk from blocks away to eat there.

The bartenders are very friendly and willing to answer any annoying questions about how the super quirky drinks are made.

The broiled oysters are warm and savory, even for someone who does not normally prefer the salty appetizer of the sea (although you only get 4 so the plate goes quickly). I highly recommend the “Devils on Horseback” – dates, green apples and asparagus all wrapped in bacon. This dish will knock your socks off! Absolutely creative and amazing.

The drinks are a huge hit, too, although at $10-$11/pop they will break your dinner budget quickly. A beer cocktail called a “Cry Baby Cry”, which is made with Lindeman’s Apple Lambic, champagne and ginger, is delicious. The Black Diamond champagne cocktail with blackberry was also yummy and fruity.

Disclaimer: Watch out for the Dutch Flower or any of the drinks that use absinthe; they will knock you out!

This is a funky, dimly-lit restaurant; not appropriate for children. Bringing your dog would be inappropriate; although this is a casual restaurant, the food and drinks are very upscale.

The food is sold tapas-style, so entrees are small but only $3-$15. Cocktails are expensive. You will save money by drinking beer here. This is also a smart move, since C&C is known for their selection of craft beers on tap.

C&C makes their money on the drinks. They are $10-$11/piece, but worth every penny. They even have punch bowl drinks for $42 a piece that are very fun for groups, if you’re willing to share the germs along with the bill.

C&C does not take reservations. However, I did talk to the bartender and he said for a large group – for a special event, for instance – they might make an exception.

Reviewer's Rating
Cost per head Medium
Dress Code Casual, Trendy
Clientele Young; 30’s – 40’s
Accept Reservations No
Cuisine American

Additional Ambience Information

Really funky and contemporary but unpretentious. It almost feels like a steakhouse, with dim lighting, wood and brick walls and large, back-lit signs. The set up of the restaurant is really unique, too. You feel like you are somewhere special, even though most of the people in the restaurant were wearing jeans.

Last updated on 15-03-2015

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