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How much space do you really need in a hotel room? Enough to open a suitcase, to set up a workspace and to sleep comfortably, sure, but more than that? Probably not.

At Hotel Crayon you don’t get much more than that – but I barely noticed. Located in the heart of Paris, just a short stroll from the Louvre, this boutique hotel may be diminutive but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in situation. Yes, there’s only a foot or so either side of the bed and the bathroom is large enough only for one, but how much time will you spend in here anyway?

I check in and go straight back out again, walking the streets around the centre of the city, drinking coffee and later wine, and skipping over cobbled streets to cross the Seine. I don’t return until well after dark but it’s early enough for one last drink and so I sit in the lounge downstairs, sipping on juice from the honesty fridge (a shiny black Smeg of course) and reading the magazines provided free of charge.

The following day I make use of the free Wi-Fi to get some work done and enjoy popping in and out, exploring the city from my central base. There isn’t much space to kick back in the room but it has everything I need, from a hairdryer to a hanging space, a powerful shower to a comfortable bed. Even better, it does all this with style, with tongue-in-cheek artwork on the doors and walls, vintage furniture in every room and contemporary lighting to show it all off. The only thing missing is the facility to make tea and coffee – a bit of a black mark since the machine available for guest use downstairs incurs an extra charge.

Breakfast is served in the vaulted basement where exposed brickwork and vintage posters are the backdrop to a small continental buffet. You serve yourself, even making your own tea and coffee, but the range is good, with fresh meats and cheeses, fruits and pastries. Again the room is very small, but I breakfast alone, dropping in at 10.30am as they are finishing up, so it hardly matters.

When it’s time to check out, the upside of a smaller room becomes apparent. Packing is a breeze, with my stuff far less spread out than usual, and I am ready to leave within minutes. Yes, Hotel Crayon isn’t big, but it’s big enough for me – and for anyone who plans to spend more time out of the room than in it.

Helen Ochyra is a freelance travel writer and editor based in London

Reviewer's Rating
Ambience Hidden Gem
Services Free High Speed Internet
Cost Low
Number of Rooms 27 Rooms
Culture / Sightseeing, Great local restaurants

Room and Suite Categories

Three categories of special character rooms: Individual Style, Out of the Ordinary, and Delightful Drawings.

Additional Ambience Information

Contemporary décor and helpful staff.

Last updated on 15-11-2013

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