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If you’re looking for an appetizing boozy brunch off the beaten hipster path in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, then Café Colette is the place you want to be when your hangover hits.

Located on the corner of Berry and North 9th Street, Café Colette offers a simple yet delectable menu, delicious cocktails, a lovely atmosphere and eye candy, all for reasonable prices. You can also take your pick of indoor or patio seating.

A boozy brunch would not be complete without the booze and Café Colette doesn’t disappoint offering a full bar as well as delicious cocktails and beers to complement any dish. I prefer a traditional Bloody Mary to ease me out of Saturday night and into Sunday, but I also like the Saint 75 made with vodka, St. Germaine and lemon Prosecco. For a little more kick, try the Southern Sea made with jalapeño infused tequila, aloe vera juice, cucumber and sea salt.

Hands down, my favorite dish on the brunch menu is the baked French toast served sizzling in a cast iron skillet with seasonal fruit and homemade flavored butter. Add a side of brown sugar peppercorn bacon for a truly mouth-watering experience. For a more traditional hangover cure order the breakfast sandwich, featuring two fried eggs, cheddar cheese, smoked paprika aioli, lettuce and your choice of bacon or sausage. I always add a side of roasted potatoes, but you can also get French fries.

Café Colette also satisfies a more south of the border palette with dishes featuring grilled fish tacos, slow roasted pork and bacon-jalapeño cornbread. Vegetarians can also choose from the kale salad with shaved pumpkin, or fresh baked scones.

As you’re sipping on your cocktail and waiting for your food to arrive, take a moment to look around you. The vintage light fixtures, booths, checkered floor, old photographs, distressed wood finish and the lovely view of the neighborhood make dining at Café Colette a charming experience.

Also, it might be the morning buzz speaking on a hazy Sunday after a night of revelry, but is it just me, or do really attractive people tend to dine at Café Collette? Or perhaps it’s all the natural light seeping in from the big store-front-like window that makes everyone look so beautiful? Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick has been spotted here, so I think it’s the atmosphere that attracts such beautiful people.

The service is typically pretty good with waiters taking time to explain featured dishes and sides before you order. Right when you think you’ve made up your mind, the waiters make everything sound absolutely delicious. As with any restaurant, it gets busy at rush hour, which for brunch is between noon and 2 p.m., so either have a bit of patience or dine at a different time. The most I’ve had to wait is about 30 minutes for five people during rush hour. This is reasonable, but keep in mind that they will not seat you until everyone in your party has arrived.

The lunch menu features some of the same brunch dishes as well as white bean and kale stew, fried chicken sandwich and a fried oyster po’boy. Dinner features mussels, roasted fish and chicken, as well as steak.

While the clientele tends to be hipsters in their early 20s to mid-30s, you do see the occasional parents and a toddler. Café Colette offers something for each of your friends’ distinct palettes making catching up over brunch an easy and delicious affair.

JoAnn DeLuna is a Brooklyn based travel writer and reporter

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Reviewer's Rating
Cuisine American
Need to book Not necessary
Dietary Requirements Accommodated Yes
Clientele Attractive hipster locals
Restaurant good for Families with children, Meeting up with friends, Outdoor seating
Cost per head Medium
Dress Code Casual
Dining Options Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

Additional Ambience Information

It’s a great place to catch up over a meal as you can still hear the other person speaking. The place is small, so others will probably overhear your conversation too, however. Try not to have a party bigger than six people so it remains a cozy experience.

Additional Price Comments

Brunch ranges from $8 to $14, while dinner can go up to $24 for some dishes. Best value for money is the egg sandwich for $8, which comes with bacon. Add a side of roasted potatoes to share for only $4 more.

Last updated on 24-01-2014

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