Restaurant R’evolution

Restaurant in New Orleans

Upscale Cajun and Creole Restaurant

R’evolution, the brain child of chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto, is the latest upmarket restaurant in New Orleans’ eponymous French Quarter.

R’evolution specialises in, as well as reinventing, Cajun and Creole food. The restaurant also offers classic French dishes.  Yes, there is Foie Gras on the menu as well as the famous Iberico ham from Spain.  But there are wonderful vegetarian dishes as well if that is your preference.

The décor of the main dining room is dark antique wood and lovely silverware, accented with stunning murals depicting important events in Louisiana history. This creates a relaxed and interesting ambience.  I particularly liked the red and white striped traditional furnishings of the other dining rooms that surround the main dining area.  But what I most enjoyed was having a look at the wine cellar which holds 10,000 bottles of classy plonk from around the world. Blimey!

Top tip.  It is imperative that you talk to the sommelier before selecting your wine. Accomplished sommelier Molly Wismeier, R’evolution’s wine director, will steer you in the right direction every time as far as wine is concerned.

The menu is extensive and varied, with an emphasis on Louisiana’s famous Cajun and Creole cooking.  Soups include “Death by Gumbo,” quail gumbo served with a whole, semi-boneless quail stuffed with oysters, andouille sausage and rice.  Delicious!  Appetizers include Burrata cheese and choupique caviar.

Options for main courses seem to be endless and include: Steak and Chops, Fish and Shellfish, Egg dishes as well as Meat and Game.  Since Cajun cooking is all about wild game the “Bird in a Cage” is definitely worth trying.  It features smoked Guinea fowl with homemade sauerkraut, Creole mustard spaetzle and caramelized onion sauce in a caraway “cage,” and is a dish reflective of Louisiana’s rich Cajun heritage. There are also charcuterie boards that are perfect for sharing and that I particularly liked.

Desserts are phenomenal.  Molten chocolate soufflé and Crunchy Peanut Butter ice cream are two favourites.  At the end of the meal, an antique chest is brought out that displays beautiful petit fours.  Impossible to resist.

The restaurant has gained early acclaim because of the partnership of ‘local boy done good’ John Folse and Chicagoan, Rick Tramonto.

Chef John Folse was born in St. James Parish in 1946. When Folse opened Lafitte’s Landing Restaurant in 1978 in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, he set out to market his restaurant by taking “a taste of Louisiana” worldwide.  He introduced Louisiana’s indigenous cuisine to Japan in 1985, Beijing in 1986 and Hong Kong and Paris in 1987. In 1988, Folse made international headlines with the opening of “Lafitte’s Landing East” in Moscow during the Presidential Summit between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Not to be outdone, Chef Rick Tramonto is equally ‘decorated’ and has been an award winning chef for many years.  A Rochester N.Y., native, Tramonto grew up in a traditional blue-collar Italian family. In 1977, due to a family crisis and his struggles in school, Tramonto dropped out of high school and entered the workforce to help support his family.  His first job was at Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. In the late 1980s, Tramonto was brought to Chicago by Richard Melman to work at his popular restaurants Avanzare and Scoozi!. After a stint at Charlie Trotter's, Tramonto received a call from London-based restaurateur Bob Payton, whose company operated American-concept restaurants throughout the U.K. and Europe. So, returning to Chicago in the early 1990s, Tramonto, along with culinary partner Gale Gand and Henry Adaniya, opened the nationally acclaimed fine dining restaurant Trio in Evanston, Illinois. The restaurant was an immediate triumph, earning Tramonto four-star ratings from the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and Chicago magazine, as well as Food & Wine’s Best New Chef.

In 2010, Tramonto announced his business partnership with Louisiana native Chef John Folse and the formation of the new restaurant development company: Home on the Range. The partners launched their first joint restaurant, Restaurant R’evolution, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans in the city’s renowned French Quarter in the spring of 2012.

Lynn Houghton is a Travel Writer and Photographer based in London

Reviewer's Rating
Cost per head High
Clientele Upscale, foreign tourists, connoisseurs
Need to book Advisable
Cuisine Cajun/Creole

Additional Ambience Information

Stunning, spacious décor. Reminiscent of being in the dining room of a Plantation Home.

Additional Price Comments

Starters from $12; Salads from $12; Sandwiches from $15; Pasta from $11; Entrées from $27 and Desserts from $6. Wine by the glass from $8, from $45 for a bottle.

Last updated on 30-06-2014

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