Meadowood Napa Valley

Hotel in Napa Valley, CA

Luxury Resort & Spa

We vacate to recalibrate.  We vacate to reawaken.  And we vacation to find ourselves steeped in that rare and religious space, where the English language proves woefully inadequate.

Tucked deep into the hinterlands of Napa Valley, Meadowood is a terrestrial sanctuary to that awe.

In the quietest reserves surrounding the Silverado Trail, lives this once private country club.  Today it epitomizes the quintessence of Napa Valley refinement – a forested found dictum of reverie and restoration, where cottages perch atop trees and terraces, fireplaces and fountains adorn architectural appointments apt to kindle a reconnect between soul and senses, and the grounds are arguably something vine lined and plucked from a fantasy, something fatidic and far gone, but maybe not.  Don’t bother bringing speech.  It’ll leave you anyway.

Leaving your Frette filled cedar scented alcove immersed in indulgence may take some doing, where the rosemary cookies wrapped in muslin graced your pillow the night before and the botanic bath salts blended with the toasty waft from your fireplace.  But when Spa Manager Kerry Brackett is waiting to take you on a private, personally tailored 30-minute muscle-centric multi-task amongst the mountains, you move.  Your choice of a Meadowood Garden Blend Cold Pressed Juice (most ingredients grown on property – you’ll get used to it) is awaiting you at the end, followed by breakfast in your room or at The Grill (lemon buttermilk pancakes anyone?), but the transformation in between is the deepest draw.  Up the mountains with medicine balls and squats, planks, curls and combos, all amounting to this irresistible alchemy of aromatherapy and adrenalin, elevating an already stirring scenario into something sensory, sating, and so unapologetically addictive.

This is the Function Fitness Seasonal Offering at Meadowood.  Included is an overnight stay.  A 30-minute private, personalized fitness session.  A Meadowood Garden Juice Blend.  And Breakfast.

Mountain air in, anxiety out.  An undefined ephemeral elixir amasses from the glorious outdoors in: 30 minutes and we surrender neglect of our spiritual health to a far better alternative.  Maybe it is the transformative union of taste and timelessness that Meadowood radiates, a vacating vanguard blurring the boundary between culinary distinction (it does host one of four Michelin three-star restaurants this side of Chicago) and wellness redefined.  Or maybe Meadowood merely exists to remind us of what John Steinbeck put best.  We do not take a trip.  A trip takes us.

So resolute in removing us from the hustle and hum of our everyday, a stay here will echo in your memory like an unshakeable want: a vintage meant to be absorbed by all senses united.  If the character of a culture can be illustrated through its terrain, then Napa Valley is a roving, regal, reverential fairy tale, and Meadowood, through a hush, it’s ever-humble heroine.

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles

Photographs courtesy of Meadowood Napa Valley a member of Relais & Château and Jolie Loeb

Reviewer's Rating
Ambience Hidden Gem, Romantic, Cosy
Services Free High Speed Internet, Free Parking, Restaurant, Room Service, Fitness Center, Swimming Pool, Health Spa, Family Friendly, Wedding / Personal Event
Cost Expensive
Number of Rooms 85 guest rooms, suites, and lodges
Relaxation, Golf

Room and Suite Categories

A wide range Cottages, Suites, and Lodges starting from Studios (415 sq ft including private porch) and going up to the Estate Suite at 2,140 sq ft.

Additional Ambience Information

Sweet serenity in the vines. Few strike the balance between rustic and refined this well, this tastefully. Spacious, spectacular cottages feel like your own private treehouse atop the forest, complete with fireplaces and terraces. Idyllic at every turn.

Additional Price Comments

Booking 60 days in advance earns you on-site benefits (i.e. spa treatments), booking 90 days in advance earns you even more (i.e. 90 minute spa treatments). Packages are available year round, so if you don’t see them advertised, inquire.

Last updated on 02-10-2015

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