Chole Mjini Lodge - Tanzania

Hotel in Mafia Island

Treehouse Lodge

Chole Mjini is a true hidden gem! 

Each room has it's own bathroom facilities, but they are open air and eco  - so if you want running water and gold taps this is not for you!  If, however you enjoy escaping from the western world and spending time in a remote, peaceful place where time stands still, this is the perfect get away. An authentic Robinson Crusoe getaway lodge with romantic rooms built around huge ancient Baobab trees, on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean.

Chole Mjini has a dive school and sits in the protected waters of Chole Bay in the Mafia Island Marine Park, one of the best dive spots in East Africa.  Between December to March each year, Whale Sharks migrate through - diving or snorkelling with these magnificent creatures is a once in a lifetime experience! There are a mass of other tiny islands that can be explored or take a picnic and cool box and sail to a pristine white sand bar at low tide for some sun and swimming in paradise!

Although there is no mains electricity here, don't worry, the wine and beer is always cold!

The lodge provides fresh seafood and bakes it's own bread and cakes, the food here is some of the freshest I've ever had ...  returning one morning through the mangroves from an early morning swim, I found a lady with her skirts hitched up in the shallows bashing an octopus on a rock and disappearing into the kitchen to make lunch!  At night, oil lamps flicker around the lodge and light up the old Omani ruins that provide the backdrop for your evening meal.  Or eat on the jetty watching fireflies flicker through the bushes before climbing into your treehouse, lulled to sleep by the breeze from the water and the soft sounds of the African night.....

Reviewer's Rating
Romance, Relaxation / Spa, Culture / Sightseeing, Beach / Sun, Great food / Wine, Outdoor / Adventure
Dogs Welcome No
Purpose of Trip Leisure
Services Restaurant, Room Service
Dress Code Casual
Cost High
Ambience Quiet, Incredible Staff, Hidden Gem, Comfortable, Romantic, Cosy, Beautiful

Additional Ambience Information

Chole Mjini is a magical place with a friendly and other worldly atmosphere - after a few days here you won't want to leave!

Last updated on 14-11-2011

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