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We try not to boast, but frankly it’s an Angelean privilege that’s hard to humble.  Some restaurants make it downright impossible.  The option of celestial sky-lit surrounds, historically evocative grounds, and masters of the culinary craft, which to choose?  And that’s where we get a little haughty.  Because we don’t have to.

Sadie Kitchen and Lounge is the latest leading lady in Hollywood hithers – she’s a restaurant, and she’s the whole package.  A wood banked leather bar-stooled parlour, a cozy club chaired lounge ripe with craft cocktails and global vintages, and a courtyard bedazzled by moonshine, white-lit birch, and chandeliers that seem to dangle from the stars.

Behind the bar, mixologist Giovanni Martinez is an artist who’s liquid canvases we are honoured to imbibe.  That Green Beast is proof absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.  Accompanied by fresh limejuice, simple syrup, cucumber, all over crushed ice, it’s a sippable symphony.  Sit back in your tufted velvet couch al fresco, and let it dazzle you as only the very best elixirs can.

Dining options are as fun as they are unfussy, with an ample whirl of international inspiration.  Mains are tempting, but the option to share a bunch of smalls and snacks won us over.

The ahi tuna sashimi plays off of a saffron sauce and micro cilantro – beautiful.   The New Zealand Tai Snapper Ceviche, plated untraditionally, gets a nice kick from those chiles.  The Tuscan Black Kale Salad, with its almonds, butternut squash, blueberries, and quinoa croutons (that’s how we roll in LA, even the croutons are healthy), is excellent.  But the one you’ll dream about long after you’ve digested  – the grilled cheese.  The way that Cabot sharp white cheddar contrasts the apple black pepper relish?  So good.  Pair it with endive apple salad, featuring aged gouda and maple dressing.  It’s a palate dance, a grown up afterschool special, a meal you’ll remember fondly and surely return for.

There’s a warm butter cake for dessert, braised pineapple and miso butterscotch.  It is so good.  But an in-house secret can’t be found on the menu, and if they have it, it’s your lucky night.  Pineapple spice sorbet. Don’t judge.  Just order.

As you take in the surrounds, on your plate, in your glass, in the stars, your experience is being orchestrated by industry legend Patrick Doherty.  Of Hotel Bel-Air and Buffalo Club pedigree, his old school charm and graciousness should be enough to revive the lost art of Maitre’d.

Steeped in a scene simultaneously homey and haute, Hollywood’s sensational history becomes satiable here.  The scene is sultry, the menu, comfortable with a hefty sprinkle of innovation.  Sadie celebrates the town that preceded the tinsel, and opportunes its guests the pleasure of devouring its delectability with comfort of grilled cheese, and the clout of timeless tradition.

And that’s not just The Green Beast talking.  But maybe, if it could.

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles

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Reviewer's Rating
Cuisine American
Need to book Advisable
Clientele Great for pre or post Theatre crowd, close to Pantages
Restaurant good for Couples, Bar scene, Large groups, Meeting up with friends, Outdoor seating, Special occasions
Cost per head Medium
Dress Code Smart Casual, Casual
Dining Options Dinner

Additional Ambience Information

Hollywood chic sans the attitude. Outdoor lounging in living room like nooks. Sultry and celebratory.

Additional Price Comments

$6 Happy Hour bites are a no-brainer. You get the Sadie Kitchen experience without committing to the kitchen sink. Tuesday to Friday from 6pm to 8pm in the lounge. Small Plates from $10, Mains form $16, Desserts from $6.

Last updated on 10-10-2013

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