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It was bad enough when they hated us for our boardwalk.  That perennial party that Venice hosts, a mere by-product of its blessed bounty.  Daily dapplings of sunshine, a hipsters haven for artistic pioneering, a renaissance of relished life lived with one toe always dipped in the sand, one hand trail blazing the next best trend.

But then it got healthy.  Lemonade came to anchor the boulevard and kale became the new green, which was already the new black.  GTA took away the reliance on Abbot’s for a pizza fix (no disrespect to the almighty bagel crust).  But then, after much hype, anticipation, and apt inauguration, FEED Body & Soul moved into the old Stroh’s spot.  And social responsibility became good enough to eat.

Fair warning my friends.  True to Abbot Kinney form, this place does not flirt with concept.  It does not gently test the waters of clean living and community.  No.  It dives headlong, deep and devoted, to the place where dining out detours into the delves of a community taking care of its own.  Pull up a barstool.  Abbot’s habits are up ticking.  They’re even getting a little dressed up.

The place is stunning.  Mediterranean with a modern lean, glass domes of granolas and home-grown goodness, an undeniably inviting bar.  After you’re offered water (room temp or cold?), start with a seasonal cocktail.  One blood orange caipirinha and you’ll salute the health feigns who fashioned a spirit so salacious.  Pairs great with a selection of three daily spreads.  Our offerings included sunchoke (the root of the sunflower, who knew?), white bean and green tea (personal favourite), and cauliflower, (usually not a big fan, but this was working).  All served up with whole wheat and sea salt crackers.  Extras offered should you run out.  Delicious.

I moved onto the rotisserie salmon with red wine braised cabbage.  While nicely prepared, the finely diced fava bean, kohlrabi (the lesser known antioxidant powerhouse cabbage – I had to look it up), baby carrot, yellow beet, and spring onion succotash stole the meal.  All those livewires of livelihood combine into one beautifully sating serving.  Enough to bring half home (I did).

Especially so you can save room for the cookie plate (don’t knock the gluten free chocolate chip) served with a shot of ice-cold almond milk, naturally.

The cobblers and crumbles made me consider returning for breakfast.  I have now been for both meals.  I will return, for both.  The Hearty Breakfast Bowls by day / Farmer’s Market Grain Bowls by night, insist on it.  Options to mix and match abound.  I like that.

The decadence here is in the experience – it’s a thorough, thoughtful segue into clean living.  It’s fine dining on dietary awareness that’s been fine tooth combed for your palate and pleasure.  They’ve done your homework.  All you have to do is order.

Abbot Kinney was already ripe with infectious innovation and intrigue.  FEED Body & Soul has contributed an opportunity to eat with integrity beneath the health halo, where Venice and virtue braid into one culture meets culinary cocktail.  The feel is vintage Venice - skaters, surfers, sculptors – the stealth and the sensational.  Let the haters have their heyday.  It’s a joy to Feed the love, one humbly holistic bite at a time.

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles

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Reviewer's Rating
Cuisine American
Need to book Advisable
Dietary Requirements Accommodated Yes
Clientele Locavores, Vegans, definite draw for a health conscious clientele
Restaurant good for Couples, Families with children, Meeting up with friends
Cost per head Medium
Dress Code Smart Casual, Casual

Additional Ambience Information

Gorgeous marble tabletops, dangles of café lights, gorgeous exploitation of beach side surroundings – Mediterranean inspired blur between outdoors and in.

Additional Price Comments

Breakfast seasonal bowls from $10; warm oatmeal from $6. Lunchtime Farmers Market Soups from $5 a cup/$9 bowl; Salads from $10. Dinner small plates from $7; soups & salads a per lunch menu.

Last updated on 10-05-2013

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