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Few places on the globe resonate a beauty so rare, a source so healing, as the vineyards of Bordeaux.

When sipped, well, sonnets have sounded.  But the intrinsic curative properties composing the grape and its stalk, sap, water, and oil?  Those were wholly examined, unearthed, and independently inducted into our personal hall of anti-aging fame by Caudalie French founders Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas.  The worldwide following was not far behind.

A concept is only as good as its product and a product is only as good as the results they yield.  Eighteen years following the establishment of the Caudalie brand, a warranting west coast flagship boutique and spa was finally located, giving Abbot Kinney Boulevard bragging rights on but one more quiet giant.

The newly established Caudalie presence on the sun stroked, fashion forward, sought after seaside strand of Venice immediately magnetized an international pull.  With two sister properties 3,000 miles to the east, and an exclusive host of haute locations in the globes most coveted corners, where a Caudalie Spa selects, the newest Abbot Kinney outpost proves, its cult following will follow.

And so they did.

And here is why.

It’s called vinotherapie, and its advent actualizes the anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties procured from the vine and their grapes.  The list of treatments is not exhaustive, but instead reflects all the research and restoration derived from science this age-defying specific.

I experienced the Premiere Cru Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial.  Do ask for Christine.  She knows things.  You put yourself in her hands and you will spend an hour being lavished in luxury product expertly applied with intermittent sprays of sage, rosemary and mint.  At reluctant completion, prepare to emerge dewy and aglow.  And for those who appreciate instant gratification like I do, that exclusive collagen mask she applies visibly reduces some of those fine lines you walked in with.  And it feels like rose petals daintily landing on your skin (sincerely, I assumed it was).  The experience is equally luxurious as it is beneficial.  Two of the best words ever to exist together.

Advised to not touch my face for the remainder of the day, the serum continued to work its benefits as I worked the windows on Abbot Kinney.  (Scotch and Soda, Gjelina, Rag and Bone?  Their location scout should be medalled).  And the next morning, the greatest gift awaited me.  My cheeks, my forehead, my face felt more my five year olds than my own.  Instant gratification with a bonus feature.  The beginning was just the beginning.

A dedication to protecting regions of the planet where deforestation threatens to endanger biodiversity only furthers the Caudalie commitment to unearthing more gifts from the ground.  The obsessively researched ingredients that go into each Caudalie product, free of parabens, sulfates, and all those other additives we can’t pronounce but know we don’t want on our bodies, are the reason they come en mass.  But the results, the results expose the addiction.  Derived from the earth, situated in the most desirable locales on it, the Caudalie calling, that glowing, glory of the grape, is indeed, an irresistible one.

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles

Photographs courtesy of Caudalie Boutique Spa and Jolie Loeb

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Book a few treatments at a time and you receive a bulk discount. 15% on a series of three, 20% on a series of six. Given that the first treatment will hook you, it’s really the way to go.

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