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Los Angeles is lavishly ripe with retreats worthy of our trademark tinsel.  Pretty much if you want to get up and glow, there’s an avenue around most corners.  But the Ritz-Carlton brand has never been one to assimilate to standard.

The standard is but a benchmark, a launching pad.  So when you want to recalibrate the Ritz way, you get to do it like a star, amongst the stars, in downtown’s only luxury spa.  Rejuvenation meets elevation.  In every sense literal and figurative.

Recently redefining the downtown skyline, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, within the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles, is not subtle.  Overlooking the urban bustle of downtown Los Angeles, a celestial sheen dazzles the interior. It is glamour, a widespread unmistakable motif of Marilyn was here, designed to sparkle and scintillate. A palatial loft of silvery whites and champagnes, frosted glass, and feathery lighting, high class and contemporary. With more than a hint of Hollywood opulence, perched atop the City of Angels, expect to depart with the glisten of one.

How so?

So many offerings, shame we have but one body to bring.  Taking the farm to spa trend to new heights, the Garden to Glamorous spa program utilizes the best of the seasons’ bounty, as procured from their rooftop garden.  They harvest it, you heal from it.  And nature becomes nurture.

Summer at the spa is a sensory celebration of peaches.  Flaunting their moisturizing and regenerating properties, this singular stone fruit is the star of their seasonal spread.  It’s the showstopper in the Peach Bellini Manicure and Pedicure.  The shimmer in the Peaches and Cream Body Polish Treatment.   But arriving in late August I was too late, their season had come to a close.  So I did let The Ritz do what The Ritz does best.  Take their signature, and make it sparkle like champagne, naturally, so that I could too.  Ergo, the lure of the notorious Champagne and Shimmer.

Greeted with a welcome flute of champagne, emblematic, and a seamless segue between our world and theirs.  Arrive at least 30 minutes early.  Depriving yourself of their eucalyptus steam would be a shame.  Their anchored marble mosaic chaises within provide a newfound plane of steaming detox.  Plus it’s a most purifying entry point for the full body organic scrub exfoliation.  The way those champagne grape seeds (naturally) go to work on you, first a powdery dusting, followed by an exfoliating scrub, is at once electrifying and tranquil. The hydrating massage of passion fruit body butter seals in all those wondrous healing properties, compliments of N.V. Organics, (and lead spa therapist Dalesha Rogers). The resultant glow is resonated in the 24-karat gold infused shimmer powder dusted on your decollate.  This, the piece de resistance, before you exit the property.  One last lavish bid good-bye.

The silken texture of your skin is their parting gift that is yours to take home.

I went with a classic treatment, but The Ritz professionals are unrelenting in their pursuits of providing treatments both seasonal and signature, that combine an organic, intrinsic cultural experience without surrendering a hearty helping of Hollywood glam.  They have accomplished a beautifying balance.

Rejuvenating in the arms of The Ritz is a date with decadence that feels slightly sinful in its indulgence.  Though exhaling post-treatment atop a silver snakeskin vanity, I’m convinced, a little recalibration, dusted in gold, is a dynamite way to deviate.  Eight thousand square feet of sophisticated chic situated atop the bustle of downtown – the juxtapose of urban jungle to urbane and genteel is in fact, this Ritz’s calling card.  Phone in, schedule yours, and experience an awing dose of a golden era that hasn’t gone anywhere.

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles

Photographs courtesy of Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles

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Additional Price Comments

A nice boon for locals – they get special pricing on select treatments. Inquire when you book; it may not be otherwise listed. Signature Champagne and Shimmer from $175 for 50 minutes; Manicures from $45 for 35 minutes; Pedicures from $65 for 50 minutes; Signature Massage from $150 for 50 minutes; Rush Hour Massage $95 for 25 minutes and Facials from $95 for 25 minutes.

Last updated on 20-08-2014

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