ZL Café

Coffee Shop in London

Parisian Style Coffee Shop

You could be forgiven for thinking you are sitting in a café in Paris at ZL Café in Piccadilly.

As you gaze out from the windows the little French styled linen curtains on the bottom part of the windows only allow you to see the vaguest outline of people wondering by, so you really could be in any French city.

This is the perfect place for a rendezvous, be it of the romantic kind or just catching up with friends on a Saturday afternoon or meeting a business acquaintance who has just stepped off a Eurostar train or for that matter simply enjoying a cup of coffee and reading one of the daily newspapers they have in the rack.

ZL Café central location makes it the perfect place to arrange a meeting as it is convenient to get to and incredibly good value.  You can get an espresso for just £1.80, that’s cheaper than one of the chain coffee shops and this one is served in a nice china cup and saucer!

What I like about this place is that it is not only perfect for a quick cup of coffee, but you can also pop in for a glass of wine as they offer a nice selection of French wines available by the glass, half bottle and full bottle, very reasonably priced.  Or if you prefer a beer, they have a choice of three.  If you come at lunchtime they have some delicious small plates of Charcuterie or cheese as well as salads and Quiche.

If you want breakfast on the go or need to find a place for that early morning breakfast meeting, ZL Café serve some wonderful fresh pastries including Croissants, Pain au Raisin, Pain au Chocolat.  Or if you stop by at Tea time, you can indulge your sweet tooth with their Gâteau du Jour or a Tarte au Citron or Tarte du Jour.  I should add that they are pretty generous with their portions as well.

As you leave you will be wished a good day or evening as you step in the London street by the friendly doorman who will have already have welcomed you as you stepped inside this warm, cosy and friendly piece of Paris an hour or so earlier.

It should also be noted that ZL Café is the casual street level café part of Brasserie Zédel which is housed downstairs along with their Bar Américain and well worth a visit on another occasion.

Reviewer's Rating
Coffee Shop good for Couples, Doing business, Meeting up with friends
Cost per head Low
Clientele Locals, friends, visitors & tourists
Food Options Breakfast, Pastries, Cakes, Salads

Additional Price Comments

Coffee from £1.80; Tea from £2; Beer from £2.25; Fruit juices from £1.60; a glass of wine from £3, Pichet from £5.70, bottle from £16. Croissants/Pastries from £1.80; Cakes from £3; small plates from £3.75.

Last updated on 11-03-2013

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