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Jonathan cocoons my body in a full-body heat blanket. Suddenly the loud bustle of Leicester Square, through which I muscled my way here, becomes a distant memory.

He tends to the dozens of candles in the room and advises me on my problem areas; classic neck and shoulder tension brought on by endless laptop duty: “The remedy is to train the Serratus Anterior muscles to better uphold your shoulder blades.”

I’ve been so fixated on training for a perfect Brazilian butt that I’ve neglected the essentials of good posture.

“The best exercises for you are…” Jonathan continues but his voice too melts to memory as I drift to sleep, cocooned warmly on the hydraulic treatment bed.

An unaccountable sleep time lapses before I’m awoken to Jonathan pealing the cocoon away from my body. Scents of the skincare oils fill the room. For how long was I asleep? Does Jonathan think I’m rude to have dozed off midway through his expert conversation? I’m far too relaxed to care.

I’m in one of the five treatment rooms of the Away Spa, complete with three rain showers, a wooden-benched sauna large enough to lounge in, a steam room with sleek black marble and intense red lighting, SWEAT techno-gym, a food bar and retail beauty boutique. Located on the 6th floor of the hotel, W London– Leicester Square, the minimalist, futuristic-heaven vibe of the Away Spa with white flushed lacquered walls and fringed curtains, to combine open plan with privacy, immediately brings to mind Carrie Bradshaw and her Sex and the City sisters.

On arrival I’m ushered to the lounge area and offered a detox "shot” of cranberry and grapefruit juice, two towels, slippers and access to the rest of the spa’s facilities. I’m booked in for a well deserved 85 minutes of the Away Body Treat (£138.00).

It’s a game of hide and seek for Jonathan, my therapist, and I. His search finds me enjoying the thick fog of the steam room. “Liz, I’ve selected the skincare scrub and oils that are ideal for the skin requirements you’ve noted in your form.” Jonathan guides me to our mood-lighted treatment room where a collection of British brand REN skin care products await use. “REN products are free from synthetic ingredients.” He adds.

I’m treated to a full body scrub to exfoliate and prepare my hydration starved skin for the nourishment of oils. Whilst cocooned, Jonathan softly massages my face and post-cocoon, he gets to work on a deep and intensive full body massage. 

“Shall I focus the massage on your neck and shoulders?” He is eager to ensure the treatment is completely bespoke to my requirements. “I’m too relaxed to re-face the world outside, I think I better sleep here.” I propose. “Great, I’ll wake you up for breakfast.” Jonathan responds jokingly. If only Away Spa accommodated stay-overs.

The Spa is open Monday to Sunday from 10am - 9pm.

Liz Tecirli is a freelance travel writer based in London specialising in adventure travel, extreme sports and luxury breaks.

Reviewer's Rating
Facilities Steam Room, Sauna, Treatment Rooms, Relaxation Room, Fitness Room
Suitable For Mixed
Treatments Available Massage, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Personal Trainers

Additional Price Comments

Aside from body treatments ranging between £89 - £226, (including Away Pregnancy Treat for mothers-to-be for £89), Away Spa offer facials between £40 - £138, manicures and pedicures between £60 - £80, waxing between £20 - £55, tanning and personal training sessions at £85 for one session and £750 for ten sessions. Massages start from £40 for 25 minutes. As some of the treatments are 25 minutes, you could fit a little spa treat into your lunch break.

Last updated on 24-12-2012

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