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Tucked away from the legendary casino, sports bar and club – the dining room has been cleverly located to feel secluded enough to enjoy a meal with drinks in a sociable and calmer atmosphere, yet still offers a glimpse into the heart of the action so you don’t feel totally removed.

A fairly simple and small room, the walls are coated in luxury silhouettes of dancing girls to echo the Playboy theme. A dimly lit venue, the black leather chairs matched with the masculine style tables and surroundings offers a very bachelor pad vibe.

Sadly, the gorgeous and glamorous bunny girls who escorted us to our table were not doubled up as waitresses – probably to keep them from any wardrobe malfunctions. To rest all feminist minds aside and those who may frown upon these elegant and classy girls – nudity is kept very PG and each of the girls’ attitude echoes any member club and is to ensure you receive a speedy and helpful service rather than focus upon their attire. However, saying that – the girl’s outfits are an integral part to the atmosphere – so much so that a seamstress is kept on hand 24 hours a day to make any alterations to each and every uniquely made outfit or mend any malfunctions.

Snuggled into a table to one of sides, I was positioned directly in front of one of the roulette tables so had a great view set up for the night whilst I was waited on. Starting off with a gorgeous cocktail from the master mixologist himself – Salvator, we were soon drinking from flutes of the restaurants finest champagne and trying to make our choices from the restaurants vastly diverse menu.

Clearly sourced from the very best ingredients, guests are taken on a tour through the Middle East, Asia, America and England with cuisines taken from both each country’s sea and land.

Unsure of what to choose – we asked for a selection of fresh seasonal crudités and ‘textures of cauliflower in truffle mayonnaise’ to dip in a cold Middle Eastern Meze of Moutabel (an aubergine purée with tahini and pomegranate) for the table - which was absolutely stunning with a creamy texture.

Opting for an avocado and mixed vegetable salad to begin with, which did itself justice and could have been served as a main considering its size, the avocado was perfect and not too ripe which in many restaurants is often the case! My trustee dining companion chose the Norwegian Scallop salad which was so delicately cooked and infused with aromatic flavours.

The choice for main course was just as difficult with everything jumping out from the menu, we chose to follow our very doting waiter’s suggestions and both opted for dishes from the sea. I found myself enjoying a gorgeously prepared Sea Bass ‘en papillotte’ with Jerusalem artichokes, muscles and fennel! De-boned and arranged on my plate in front of me – there is no doubt that the waiters know what they are doing and demonstrate a great art in doing so. As I quickly dug in to the steaming and subtle dish in front of me, my companion also enjoyed the delicious flavors of her turbot and muscle linguine which whilst a tougher fish was cooked perfectly.

Finishing off with a delicious and creamy raspberry tart for dessert accompanied by the best expresso martini I have ever tasted we soon realized our culinary experience had stretched out over three hours and it was now closing in on midnight. Normally a very late time for the usual diner (including us with very full stomachs) but apparently the party was just getting started at the Playboy Club and people were still just sitting down for their midnight indulgences.

Once again accompanied by the gorgeous Playboy bunnies themselves we soon found ourselves finishing the night off at the legendary and award winning Salvatore's Bar on the ground floor which is open to the public. An inspiring conversation with the man himself we were brought over his recommendations – a refreshing and elegant long cocktail called ‘Grace’ for myself and apparently the hit on the menu at the moment ‘Fifty fifty’ for my friend.

A surprisingly enjoyable and classy night, the Playboy Club exceeded all my expectations and was far away from the tacky, pretentious scene that so many expect – replaced by an award-winning team who do nothing but ensure their guests and members are satisfied whether it be enjoying the delicious food on offer, variety of experimental cocktails or first class service.

Jenifer Howard is a London based freelance writer

Photographs courtesy of The Dining Room and Salvador Bar at the Playboy Club and by Jenifer Howard

Reviewer's Rating
Cuisine International
Need to book Advisable
Clientele Members only in The Dining Room and Casino. 21 and above. Not just a male crowd but plenty of ladies.
Restaurant good for Couples, Bar scene, Doing business, Meeting up with friends
Cost per head High
Dress Code Formal
Dining Options Lunch, Dinner

Additional Ambience Information

Secluded, sophisticated and fairly masculine décor, the dining room is tucked off nicely from the rest of the club where diners are looked after promptly and sincerely.

Additional Price Comments

3-course menu from £35 per head. À la carte main courses start from £12 for fish and chips right up to a £100 for a lavish steak, whilst sides are priced at around £5 to£8. The wine list is solid with a good variety with starting at £30.

Last updated on 09-08-2015

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