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Country Pub with Rooms

When you tell people you're going to the Cotswolds a couple of weeks before Christmas, the reaction is always the same, “ah how wonderful” accompanied with wide eyes and a hushed envy. I have to nod along in agreement, not to be polite but because they couldn't be more right.

Cosy fires, long walks and chocolate-box pubs make the Cotswolds one of the most lusted-after locations in the UK. The latter has gained such a sought-after reputation thanks to pubs such as The Five Alls. Nestled between Filkins and Broughton Poggs (it's not quite as Lord of The Rings as it sounds!), Five Alls is part of the new generation of public houses – chic, stylish and achingly cool, where regulars include Kate Moss, Gary Barlow and Rosemary Ferguson (who is also an investor) and the interior is chosen by designer Miranda Snow. Yep, there's no hand-me-down armchairs or stained floorboards here – London eccentricity has come to the country.

Thankfully traditional décor is carried through into the bedrooms as modern beds are clad in crisp white bedding and accessorised with countryside accents – a pheasant adorned pillow here and heritage check there. But with a strong city style running through each room, it's the quirky finishing touches that really make it feel like home. Traditional bedside tables are replaced with chairs or crates and shabby chic whitewash features heavily in ways you wouldn't expect. We were lucky enough to snag one of the largest suites and were very much hit with the wow factor upon entering. Soft spotlights, natural woven carpets and fabric blinds made the space feel warm and homely as the wind whipped outside. With a sofa (which transforms into a bed) and small living space at our disposal, it was an exceptionally comfortable room to say the very least.

Although rooms in a local boozer rarely work, Five Alls have done a fantastic job to maintain a divide between the two categories as accommodation is located just a short walk across the garden to a separate building complex. With a bar-full of regulars (sans Moss, Barlow and Ferguson) we barely heard a peep after we retired to our room at 11pm – so far so good. However, this became short-lived when no one could find our booking. Left to loiter in the bar as staff became flustered and passed the reservations between them, we were eventually asked to look ourselves, but not spotting our name either it remained a mystery. Once we were eventually shown to our table, it became clear that this was where the regulars came. A noisy onslaught of diners, stressed out staff and manic children overshadowed what was otherwise a delicious meal. Although we could barely hear each other, the home-made foccacia bread and potted shrimp starter was a welcome distraction. Thoroughly stuffed and ready for some much-needed peace and quiet, we sunk into bed and had one of the best night's sleep I've had in a very long time. Bliss.

The Five Alls may have a strong celebrity fan base but don't expect to be treated with the same VIP treatment. Although the informal atmosphere is refreshing, don't expect any airs and graces here as staff will fail to greet you by name or make any attempt to apologise when they get your order wrong. Their saving grace however, is the idyllic location and exceptional food which we still talk about to this day.

Jessica Harris is a UK-based journalist with a background in fashion, beauty and travel journalism

Photographs courtesy of The Five Alls

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Relaxation, Culture / Sightseeing
Services Free High Speed Internet
Dress Code Casual
Cost Medium
Ambience Cosy
Number of Rooms 4 rooms

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Double Rooms.

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Last updated on 04-03-2016

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