Oyster and Sushi Bar Bota

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Japanese Restaurant & Oyster Bar

This restaurant is a hidden treasure of Dubrovnik, just like Dubrovnik for the most part is a hidden treasure of the Mediterranean.

It is somewhat unexpected and brave to offer Japanese delicacies in a town that prides itself with some of the best Mediterranean cuisine in Europe, with fresh grilled fish and lobster dominating the dinner tables. But my first visit to Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota erased all my suspicions. It is a Japanese restaurant with a local twist and it is that local twist that makes it wonderful.

Sitting on a small table overlooking the magnificent cathedral, with gentle lighting that makes the scene almost dramatic, I was about to discover an explosion of tastes from the Adriatic Sea. I started with Oysters that were delicious, delicate and with strong flavour followed by sea urchins (I loved them, but not everyone’s cup of tea) and rocket salad with a marinated local plant called motar. Combined with local Ston salt from one of the oldest salterns in the world, local olive oil and vinegar, the salad is bitter – sweet and fenomenal. I then had a Shrimp Carpaccio – very fresh and delicious followed by a carpaccio of a local white fish called Cipal (Mullet) with prosciutto – excellent. As you might have noticed from my write up, the first few courses had little to do with Japan. So I ordered a few salmon and tuna sashimis. They were not very well presented, but the fantastic flavour made up for it. I had a few different kinds of sushi, all of them delicious and ended my meal with grilled steak and rice, which was succulent and delicious. I drank an excellent white wine from the nearby peninsula of Peljesac, called Pošip. The entire evening was a fiesta of tastes, fresh ingredients and unexpected combinations.

The story behind the Oyster and Sushi Bar Bota is equally surprising. Its owner, Pero Šare, comes from a family of famous Croatian restaurateurs and food has been his life since childhood. The family has an oyster farm in the nearby village of Mali Ston and all oysters served to guests come from there. At the same time, the salad comes from the family’s garden and the served tuna is often caught by Pero Šare himself.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxing and friendly and it is obvious that most guests are regulars, which is refreshing in the mostly touristy Dubrovnik. The service is friendly, if at times slow. After a delicious meal of fresh oysters, raw fish, salad and other delicacies it is unlikely you will remember this place as your favourite Japanese experience. But with its local produce, brave mix of Japan and Croatia, great tastes and exceptional setting – it might well become your favourite restaurant in Dubrovnik.

Ana Muhar is the London Correspondent for Jutarnji list, the biggest daily paper in Croatia

Reviewer's Rating
Cuisine Japanese
Need to book Advisable
Clientele Couples, locals and families
Restaurant good for Couples, Families with children, Outdoor seating, Scenic view
Cost per head Medium
Dining Options Lunch, Dinner

Additional Ambience Information

Spectacular view and a lovely ambience.

Additional Price Comments

Oysters from 18 kn; Maki from 40 kn/portion; Nigiru from 15 kn/per piece; “Bota” Plate from 120 kn; Sashimi from 16 kn/per piece; Teriyaki Steak from 85 kn and Desserts from 20 kn.

Last updated on 27-07-2014

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