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David Harfield enjoys a healthy pampering at Da Nang's Fusion Maia.

Perhaps it's the fact that we're in the twilight of our youths and are knocking on, tentatively peering at or already rudely pulled through 30's door, but all of my friends seem to have gone on a health kick.  Amusing photos documenting drunken revelries have been replaced by JustGiving sponsor pages and half-marathon personal bests on my Facebook feed and the subliminal pressure to get in shape seems to have seeped in.  I decide to put my best foot forward and place my body in the hands of a professional by getting a massage at Fusion Maia, Asia's first all-inclusive spa resort.

Located on the luxury hotel-speckled highway that runs parallel to Da Nang's oceanfront, Fusion Maia's nightly room rate includes any spa treatment, a private pool in every villa and a unique 'anytime, anywhere' breakfast concept.  The spa has over fifty qualified specialists that will ensure that guests are preened and pampered to their hearts' content; the range of healing massages, yoga and tai chi classes, body polishes and facials will keep even the most demanding diva wrapped up until bedtime.

After meeting the charming sales manager and receiving an extensive tour of the property, which included a viewing of one of the luxury villas (private pool, widescreen TV, gorgeous King-sized bed), my girlfriend and I head to the spa for a full body massage.  Once we've picked our matching scents and changed out of our clothes and into, well, not very much, we're led to a private room and on to separate soft benches whilst the two massage therapists deliver a blissful hour of kneading and un-knotting.  While I'm not entirely sure on the effectiveness the experience has on my overall health, I certainly feel a lot better for it; surely this is a step in the right direction?

The other element of Fusion Maia's innovative concept that appealed to me was the time/location fluidity of their breakfast service.  The 24-hour bar/restaurant is undoubtedly cool but what really pricked my ears was hearing that guests can enjoy a delicious meal either in their rooms, by the pool, on the beach...or in the neighbouring town of Hoi An.  Shuttle services run from the resort to 'Vietnam's loveliest town' every day, so if guests want to explore its plethora of tourist attractions and tailor shops then they can visit the Fusion Maia café and just mentioning their room number will earn them a free brekkie.

As we were heading down to Hoi An the next day, we thought that it would be remiss not to sample its cuisine and I felt particularly righteous in ordering one of the high-nutrition, low-calorie health shakes and less so when snaffling down a truly wonderful cheeseburger with mango relish (I'm only human, after all).

The concept of Fusion Maia revolves around the idea that you can do as much or as little as you desire; dedicated yoga bunnies can spend 18 hours per day contorting their bodies while those just after a spot of relaxation can chill by the pool and sample a few of the spa treatments at their leisure.  Whilst my experience was clearly on the thinner end of the wedge, next time I visit Da Nang I plan to dedicate a serious amount of time to Fusion Maia's extensive health and fitness programs, primarily so my friends can see more pictures of me sprinting, stretching and sweating...in between burgers, of course.  That'll show 'em.

David Harfield is a freelance food and travel writer and the director of the social media solutions company PepperStorm Media

Reviewer's Rating
Ambience Quiet, Incredible Staff, Hidden Gem
Services Free High Speed Internet, Restaurant, Room Service, Fitness Center, Swimming Pool, Health Spa
Cost Expensive
Number of Rooms 86 Luxury Villas

Room and Suite Categories

80 Pool Villas (50-60m² & 33m² outdoor pool/13m² plunge pool); 4x 2 Bedroom Spa Villas (110m² & 89m² outdoor pool/13m² plunge pool) and 2x 4 Bedroom Beach Villas (190m² & 143m² outdoor pool/70m² plunge pool).

Additional Ambience Information

The air of tranquillity is palpable as everyone is blissing out on naturally-induced endorphin rushes.

Additional Price Comments

As an all-inclusive resort, the only extra expenditure will be drinks, lunch and evening meals.

Last updated on 02-10-2015

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