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I had only ever been to traditional spas before, not thalasso therapy ones, so when I got the chance to try out two of Europe’s largest thalasso therapy centres on the island of Gran Canaria, I jumped at the chance.

The word thalasso comes from the Greek word meaning sea, and thalasso therapy spas differ because they only use seawater instead of fresh water. Emphasis is not just on relaxation and beauty, but also healing. The mineral rich seawater can aid in helping a range of problems, from back pain and sore joints to chronic fatigue. Although they’re not very common in the UK, thalasso therapy spas have become very popular in continental Europe.

The Gloria Palace San Agustin is located on the south coast of the island, near the popular Maspalomas Beach, while its sister hotel, the Gloria Palace Amadores is located on the south west coast near Puerto Rico Beach. Both are located high up on the volcanic cliff tops, offering spectacular ocean views and pride themselves on the quality of their wellness and thalasso therapy centres.

Situated in large conservatory-like buildings with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, vast ocean views and gracefully arched ceilings, both spa centres are very similar and make quite an impression.

My first visit – was to the larger of the two (and one of the biggest in the whole of Europe) – the Thalasso Gloria, which covers a whopping 7,000m². I began with the ‘get in shape’ pool circuit in the vast thalasso pool, which looked not unlike a water park. But instead of screaming children running around splashing, this was full of people bobbing around gently the water and the serene sound bubbles. The circuit consisted of an array of water jets, bubble beds and swan neck massage fountains, each one pummeling various muscles into submission for two minutes, before moving onto the next. There was even an outdoor pool where you could make the most of the famous Canary Island sunshine.

Downstairs, next to the wide ocean view windows, was a relaxation area where water, juices and fresh fruit were waiting. Sitting in salt water for so long, you feel especially thirsty when you get out. Upstairs, I found the traditional spa facilities – steam rooms, saunas, tropical showers and ice fountains – the perfect conclusion to the thalasso circuit.

The Thalasso Gloria – Amadores has a very similar layout and facilities, but is smaller than the Amadores at just over1,750m², making it a little more intimate. Here, as well as the spa circuit, which made my skin extra soft after two sessions, I also got treated to an indulgent aromatherapy massage in the upstairs suites.

Floating lazily around the large thalasso pools at these two Gran Canaria hotels, the bubbles gently buffeting my muscles and nothing but cerulean waves to be seen from the windows, I felt at times like I was in the Atlantic Ocean itself, albeit a serene, calmer and gentler version.

Esme Fox is a freelance travel writer who is based in Spain

Photographs courtesy of Thalasso Gloria – San Agustin and Thalasso Gloria – Amadores

The Two Spa Locations:
Thalasso Gloria – San Agustin, Calle Las Margaritas, 35 100 Playa San Agustin, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Thalasso Gloria – Amadores, Calle La Palma 2, Playa Amadores, Gran Canaria

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Facilities Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Treatment Rooms, Relaxation Room, Fitness Room
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Treatments Available Massage, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs

Additional Price Comments

‘Get in shape’ pool circuit costs 23 Euros. Massages and treatments start from 29 Euros.

Last updated on 02-08-2015

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