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Our Man On The Ground is a unique advisory service based in London, providing free travel advice worldwide from people who are passionate about travel, culture and eating out.

From small boutique to larger 4 and 5 star hotels and luxury ski chalets, we have a team of local men and women on the ground in many cities and towns around the world whose goal is to find those wonderful places to stay, eat, drink, ski and relax.  We also advise you on how best to get around a city, as well as its must-see highlights.

Our main focus is helping our users find quality ‘local’ information and our growing network of men and women on the ground make this possible. They play a vital role in giving you insider knowledge on hidden gems of places. You could say it’s almost like having a local friend to show you around.

We only focus on positive reviews and so if a place does not meet our criteria we don't write a bad review, we simply don't feature it.  As well as reviewing the more upmarket restaurants we also bring you some great value places we have discovered.  After all sometimes you just want to have a great pizza with some friends without paying an arm and a leg for it.  On the hotel front we tend to focus on the higher end of the market.  We do hope you will find our service a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the other review websites out there, as we try to cut through all the clutter and bring you some of the great places we have visited and think you will like.

You will find a seal of approval on reviews carried out by our team of men and women on the ground in towns and cities around the world.  Our contributors are a mix of passionate locals who love to travel and explore, freelance writers and professional travel journalists.  All our contributors are food lovers and are sensitive to style and good taste.

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Our Travel Blog is consistently ranked in the top 10 Luxury Travel Blogs on Google and has been independently ranked in the ‘Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blogs on Twitter’ by Cision and in the ‘Top 20 Luxury Travel Blogs 2012’ by edge.retreats.

We feature Guest Blogs from around the world and encourage writers to get in touch with us should they wish to write a feature for Our Man On The Ground.

Can You Recommend Any Places?

Do you know some great places we don’t have?  We’d love you to become part of our growing network of women and men on the ground. All you need to do is register and write reviews to your heart’s content!  All our reviewer members who receive our monthly newsletter have access to special and discounted travel offers throughout the year before anyone else sees them.

We are always looking for new places and areas to explore, so if there is anywhere you would particularly like us to review, do please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom.

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