Washington DC

1,962 Restaurants // 19 Smithsonian Museums // Live Theatres // Lincoln Memorial // Washington Monument // The White House // 600,000 people...

With its two rivers The Potomac and Anacostia, Washington DC, the Nation’s Capital is unusual in so far as it is not actually a US State and is just under 64 square miles in size.

On July 16th 1790, the US Congress approved the creation of a special district which was to serve as the national capital of The United States.  It is uniquely overseen by the Federal Government rather than any state.

JF Kennedy famously once said that "Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern Charm".


Washington DC has more Live theatres than movie theatres, New York being the only other city with more theatre goers.  DC also has a vibrant Jazz scene with some great Jazz Clubs, such as The HR 57 on H Street SE.

Washington has some wonderful museums; most of them free to get in to.  There are 19 Smithsonian Museums as well as the relatively new ‘Newseum’ and fun 'Spy Museum'.


Washington is served by three airports, Dulles International, Baltimore Washington International (BWI) and Reagan National, primarily for domestic flights and closest to the city centre.  The DC Metro system is comprehensive and somewhat similar in layout to the London Underground and the fact that fares are more expensive at commuter time than off peak times of the day, which can be confusing to visitors.  There are various fare types.  Of course you can purchase a single or return fare, but I found that a Fare Card is the more effective way to get around as you simply load it with the amount you want (it defaults to $20) but you can use the minus key at the terminal to bring it down to $10 if you are there for just a couple of days or you can increase if you are going to be using the Metro a lot.

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