Exotic White Beaches // Fort Jesus // Tuk Tuk // Boda-boda // Almost 1 million people...

Mombasa is located on the East coast of Kenya on the Indian Ocean and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

It is also the second largest city in Kenya with tourism being an important industry.  The beaches and parks stretch right down the coast to the Tanzania border.

It has some amazing marine life and the locals are extremely friendly.  The culture is very diverse, dating back to former British, Arab and Portuguese settlers.  The most commonly spoken languages are Swahili and English, so most visitors tend not have any problems communicating with the locals.  The Swahili women tend to dress in brightly coloured kangas (sheets), whilst the men will tend to wear a brightly coloured kikoi (sarong).

You will find several historic ruins and sites along the coast including Fort Jesus and the Gedi Ruins as well as reefs and marine parks with some great snorkelling, diving and water sports available.

Mombasa’s cuisine is also diverse and offers a wide range of restaurants with fresh seafood being plentiful.

Mombasa’s port is strategically important, serving not only Kenya but also other non-coastal countries in the region.


The main airport is Moi International, in Port Reitz with flights to and from Nairobi, European and the Middle Eastern countries.  Kenya Railways have overnight trains from Mombasa to Nairobi.  The majority of the roads are tarmacked in the city and highways connect it with Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and beyond.  Taxis, whilst not cheap, are a convenient way of getting around.  Locals tend to use Matutus (mini-buses) or a motorised three wheeled rickshaw called a Tuk-Tuk.  A Boda-boda is a bicycle taxi or more commonly these days a motorbike taxi.

There is a car ferry that everyone tends to use that links the airport and city to the south coast.

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